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(November 2008)
        Regarding our ministerial work in Sindangan, Bro. Rizaldo Lalag was requesting me to visit them and conduct final Bible study in his place. Bro. Lalag was lecturing his family and relatives regarding our doctrines for over a year. I heeded the request and invited Deacon Jenito Omandam to accompany me considering his proximity in that area. I promised to shoulder their expenses. I left my place Thursday (Nov. 13) at 5am and travelled 5 hours by bus to reach Sindangan and met Deacon
Omandam with his wife and son, and Bro. Lalag. I thought Bro. Lalag’s place is in that town but I was wrong. We have to hire two (2) motorcycles to take us to our destination. Four-wheel vehicles cannot access the area. The route is very dangerous because it is very steep, rocky and some portion very muddy. Limited motorcycles tour this area because drivers must be adept in making maneuvers in this
difficult route. No wonder the fare is expensive. I never experienced travelling a route like this before. It took us a 1-hr motorcycle ride and then we had to hike about 2 km to reach the place of Bro. Lalag. We arrived in the mountainous residence of Bro. Lalag 4pm (Thursday). It was indeed a grueling but a rewarding trip. I was moved by the dedication of Bro. Lalag in Yahweh's work. Inspite of his poverty, he managed to put up a small meeting hall with YAIY logo.
        I conducted final Bible study Thursday evening from 7pm to 10pm. There were 15 in attendance. Many questions were asked. By the grace of Yahshua, the following day (Friday), 6 persons were baptized and 5 children were dedicated. Baptized were: 1. Luis Lalag (70 yrs old), 2. Dania Lalag (70 yrs old), 3. Rudy Lalag (33 yrs old), 4. Lorgina Lalag (32 yrs old), 5. Lorena Kinglon (34 yrs old) and 6. Adiano Lalag (68 yrs old). Dedicated were: 1. Rodel Lalag (2 yrs old), 2. Shanna Rose Lalag (8 months), 3. Shelah Kinglon (9 yrs old), 4. Alemar Kinglon (13 yrs old) and 5. Yenilyn Kinglon (7 yrs old).
       The brethren implored that I visit them again. I planned to have a radio broadcast "Revealing the Truth" in Sindangan starting January 2009, Yahweh willing.
       On my way home, afternoon of November 15, Deacon Jenito Omandam invited me in his place because there is a couple who are requesting for Bible study and baptism. I Bible studied the

elderly couple who have been for a long time studying our doctrines. In the late afternoon, Maximino Agraviador (79 yrs old) and his wife Rita Agraviador (75 yrs old) were immersed into the Name of Yahshua! The grandchildren of Deacon Omandam, EunikaSantos (1yr & 8 months) and Evo Karl Santos (5 months) were dedicated to Abba Yahweh. It's so uplifting to be used by Abba Yahweh in His ministry!

— Elder Eddie Tadea
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Name: Keith W.
E-mail: Private
Date posted: January 09, 2009 - 05:05 pm
Message: Praise Yahweh for Elder Tadea's dedication and outreach to believers. What a glorious day it will be when all Yah's children unite in the Kingdom! Halleluyah.

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