July 2007  
Volume 1, Issue7
Yahweh's Assembly
in Yahshua

But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all

manner of


Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy, 1 Pet 1:12


A Member’s Role

There is something special that takes place in the gathering together of those of like faith, the true faith of the Scripture. We are told not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb 10:25) at certain times besides the weekly Sabbath which are anticipated and clearly commanded in Scripture. This is not a gathering of disorganized crowds, but a sedate group of usually mild-mannered men and women dressed as becomes one expecting the arrival of a dignitary or potentate.  They are gathered together to learn more of Yahweh’s way of life and to deepen their faith and acquire a better understanding of the promised expectations awaiting them.  Upon reading the Scriptures they are given reassurance that the promises are theirs if they are faithful to the end. 

    The Old Testament gives the history of creation and the fall of mankind with the promise made to the progeny of Abraham of the eventual recovery of all humankind. The New Testament emphasizes the spiritual aspect presented by Yahshua our Creator and Savior. The book of Acts details the problems and experiences of those called out of the world to carry on with the message of salvation to each one having a willing heart. There is no ”Amen” concluding Acts chapter 28 which some scholars feel may indicate chapter 29 is being written  even now, and if so we could have a part in the continuing book of Acts.

    It is quite exciting to read of the promises Yahweh has made to His people for we know that much of the prophecies in the New Testament are yet ahead of us awaiting fulfillment in our time. With each violent storm or upset weather condition we are thankful for Yahweh’s protection wherever we might be. But earthquakes and land tremors are signs that Yahweh is preparing the earth’s surface for the changes He will make on planet earth for example there will be no more oceans (Rev  21:1).

    Yahweh continues to bring His people back to the holy land promised them years ago. Every week more Israelis from around the world are settling in Israel. The futile skirmishes with the Arabs several months ago in Lebanon revealed Yahweh was not going to help the Jews at this time and they gladly laid down their arms. We desire to continue monitoring activities in Israel because that is where the Savior will intervene when all appears lost. But there is where the marriage supper will be held.

    Since the day of Pentecost (recorded in Acts chapter two) we are reminded Yahweh is calling a group of believers from which Yahshua will choose

those who will be the “Firstfruits” (also called the Elect) and will be in the first resurrection (Rev 20:6). Just as Israel was to be a light to the gentiles, those in the New Testament are called and chosen are also to be a light and guide to the world around us as we faithfully follow in Yahshua’s footsteps.

    What should we be doing as we await the fulfillment of prophecy?  We should draw nearer to Yahweh by reviewing Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 with the realization that Yahweh will draw us closer to Himself while Yahshua continues to battle the forces of evil.

    The Spirit of Yahweh will encourage and strengthen those who place their trust in Him and Yahshua, for here are those faithful ones who will become guides and teachers. When the earth is made new physical life will continue with children being born, and life under the guidance of King Yahshua and the saints who are now spirit and immortal. Satan will be chained for a thousand years, unable to tempt or ensnare the human race.

    With the continued financial help we hope to keep on publishing more scriptural truth for there is coming a dearth of Yahweh’s truth just when needed most. We urge every one to set aside a portion of your day to read from Scripture and meditate on the words you just read. This helps get us in the proper frame of mind.

    Feel free to offer any suggestions or ask any questions where we might be of help.

                                                                                                            — Elder Don Mansager


...do not blot out what I have so faithfully done

for the house of my Elohim and its services.

  — Neh 13:14 NIV

In This Issue
  A Member’s Role  
  Bible Study  
  Member Forum  
  Mini-Studies & Booklets  
  New Improved Telecast Set  
  Feast Planner Corrections  
  New Outreach Fund  
  YAIY and Tabernacles  
  Prayer List  
Bible Studies        

We have started up Bible Studies every Tuesday night starting at 6:30pm, tentatively to 8:00pm. An ad has been posted in the local paper inviting those who desire to look past the traditions of man to find out what Yahweh’s Word is really telling us to do and the answers to some of the more difficult questions arising from time to time.

   We invite you to submit your written questions to review and discuss, in which responses can then be presented in future YAIY Beacon magazines in the “Question and Answer” section.

   We’ll also use the Bible Study to help complete a Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) specifically for teenagers or new believers in the faith just getting starting. The BCC is planned to be 24 lessons in all.

Member Forum        

For those at a distance with online computer access who are wanting to participate in Bible Studies we have a Member Forum (Discussion Board) online in which to do so. It’s for brethren and any others seeking for truth.

    There is a small learning curve in getting used to it, but it was designed by professionals to be practical for this type of use. If you ask, we will gladly aid you in becoming proficient in its use. Some topics already listed would be “Biblical Month,” “Freedom of Speech,”“Wave Sheaf Offering,” “Women Speaking During Service,” etc. We welcome an exchange of ideas based on Yahweh’s inspired Word as we search for the deeper things of Scripture.

Mini-Studies & Booklets        

We are now thinking that all YAIY Mini-Studies should be printed by the end of the year. Due to the materials and time involved, we are still needing brethren and co-workers to faithfully give to Yahweh for the work so that these may all be done within the expected time period. Booklets are also needing to be done.

    Within one to two years, with your involvement and with Yahweh’s help, we can have them completed along with all the Mini-Studies. We are diligently at work praying and trying to get all done for those that request hard-copies to hand to friends and neighbors, besides also receiving them to help with individual studies.

New Improved Telecast Set        

The first “Revealing The Truth” program was recorded with Elders Fisher and Brett. Subject matter was  the 7th Day Sabbath. The title, “Remember This Day.”

   It was done in a picturesque park setting. Though not recorded on the Sabbath, the settings of Spring foliage and overall creation aspects were duly noted. We hope to record during every Sunday as to not take away from the Sabbath and or during the regular M-F 8:30am-5:00pm business hours of the Assembly’s operations.

   We have a newly designed telecast set for times of inclement weather and in addition for times when we want more than two speakers. The current set allows up to 4-speakers and we hope to normally run programming with that many when inside recordings are done. Two speakers should be the norm for outside recordings.

   The next telecast program we’re planning will be with Elders Brett, Fisher, and  Don & Mil Mansager. With their recent (June 26th) 58th wedding anniversary it only seems natural to do a program on Marriage. The title being, “Making Marriage Work.”

   We will now start contacting public access stations nationwide in America to start sharing the good news of a better life with people. Focusing on Him and helping each other with Yahshua the Messiah by our side. We appreciate the many volunteer hours that have gone into making this outreach program succeed with the building of the set to the recording of each program. Our prayers are not going unanswered, as we move onward and upward striving to help others along the way.

Feast Planner Corrections              

Elder Locksley Joseph from Trinidad was wrongly stated to be a deacon in the International Feast of Tabernacles section of the 2007 Feast Planner. He was actually anointed an elder by Elders Mansager, Brett, and Fisher here in  Kingdom City, Mo. in the winter of 2006. It was the first time Elder Joseph had ever seen snow.

   A corrected registration form is now available for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. The previous one had not listed cabins as an option. Here are the details for the cabins:

  Each cabin is two sided. Each side of a cabin has 8 beds. Add $12.50 extra per side, per night, if you choose to stay in one of the cabins.




Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding; For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, And her gain than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire

cannot compare with her.

                              Proverbs 3:13-15 NKJV


Yahweh's Assembly in Yahshua

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E-Mail:  Newsletter@YAIY.org

New Outreach Fund

A new outreach fund specifically to help with costs for literature and other postage costs to overseas brethren (including new believers) is being established. We request donations earmarked for “Outreach Fund.” 

     This “Outreach Fund” would be above regular tithes and offerings that are needed for other areas of the work. For example, we just had a problem with our main video switch board. The “B” bus circuitry went out on it and we’ve found out that there are no longer parts available for this older unit.

     A new replacement unit costs $6500., we are not able to afford this at this time. If the “A” bus circuitry fails, then we are essentially dead in the water in producing “Revealing the Truth.” Regular Sabbath service videos on DVD would also be affected.

     We will at this time work with our current equipment, but wanted everyone to know our predicament and the very real possibility that the work will be hindered unless funding comes in now to meet these needs to proclaim Yahweh’s Word.

YAIY and Tabernacles          

Any religious organization, in whichever state it is located in, in order to become tax exempt, must conform to state laws and develop a set of by-laws. These by-laws are set up to dictate to the members of that organization how the organization is to be run. If those in control of the organization do not follow these by-laws, then the organization could lose its tax exemption status.

     At the first Feast of Tabernacles meeting for YAIY at Camp Woodland Hills, near St. Clair, MO, those in attendance will discuss these by-laws at the first annual general business meeting of YAIY, make any necessary changes and vote on their adoption.

     There have been moments in the past when some have felt it is not necessary to know anything about the by-laws of an organization. However, with the events which have occurred in the past few years, it has become overwhelmingly significant that one should become familiar with the by-laws.

     The Feast of Tabernacles is just one of three times a year when all males are commanded to appear before Yahweh. The fine tuning of the by-laws of YAIY will be only one aspect of what will go on. There will be daily services during which time Yahweh’s Word will be expounded. In addition, there will be times when answers to questions will be made to help clarify certain scriptural difficulties. There will be numerous planned meals to fill up on physical food. Some leisure activities are also planned

Prayer List          

Elder Eugene Rodgers, Elder Dick Vaow, Hap Tew, Charlie Pelton, Alice Findling, Cindy Gustke and Family, Nancy White, Michelle Love & Family, Jewell Holt, Dolores Parker, Derek Kittle, Edward Breault & Family, Lillian Simon, David Choate & Family, Donnie Miller & Family, Samuel Snyder & Family, Ana Ybanez Harrom, for the shalom of Jerusalem and the brethren around the world.

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