June 2008  
Volume 2, Issue 6
Yahweh's Assembly
in Yahshua

“The name of Yahweh is a strong tower;

the righteous run to it and are safe.”


        —Prov 18:10 



Myanmar Brethren Protected from Cyclone Nargis


Greetings in the esteemed and Sacred Names of Yahweh and Yahshua,
Thank you so much for your message of comfort and asking for the following letter/update. Yes, during this few month of summer I've been staying with my family at Tuikhal, one of the many villages located in the north-west part of Myanmar. We're all very sorry to see the great destruction and loses brought by Nargis Storm in the early May to some other five parts of the country including Yangon. By the only mercies of Yahweh the State where we live and few others slightly escaped from that. We know this is also another fulfillment and sign of the coming of Yahshua our Saviour. And also hope it is a good lesson or warning to everyone of us and for the whole world to turn and look unto Him all days.



Uphold me according unto thy Word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed

of my Hope.


                 —Ps 119:116

My father has said that it is Yahweh's hands to let this cup of wrath be on those who deliberately rejected Him/the name and His words, and we are graciously spared because Yahweh always keep those who love Him and faithful to His name (comparing to the time of Noah and Lot). Although we do not have good communication, transportation, and even electricity to the common in the country side most people had got to rely on the international broadcast or radio for news of local and abroad.
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To tell about some of my experience in the Passover and Unleavened Bread Feast this year, the Tuikhal assembly had celebrated the memorial feast of Yahweh this year as
according to the instructions and practice we got from the Bible and other assembly resources since three decade ago.With faithful member of ten families we could gather together for services only on the Passover night and the two High Days due to the limited fund. However, at all seven nights, we had opportunity to proclaim the words in Tuikhal and other two villages with many interested people in the audience and truth lovers by the help of loud speaker. Besides the teachings and purpose of the holy feast, the theme of our sounding message included a vital repentance in the personal name of the Saviour (i.e, in the name of Yahshua, and “Yahshua is the Messiah”) for the remission of sin as well as for entering into the promised kingdom. And many other biblical prophetic messages of Yahweh's counsel for mankind, and the need for a closer and purer walk with Yahshua both in faith and practice.  We are also reminded to show that the adversary Satan is seeking always to whom he may devour and is deceiving already the majority of the world under our eyes or at this very last last hour of.

A Brief History of the Assembly of Yahweh in Myanmar:

In the year of 1969 my father being convicted from one of his bosom friend in Manipur, India brought his new found faith to Myanmar and spending a couple years in hard work and in deep tears to get few believers (esp. those in his family) with whom they begin to assemble using the very esteemed and Sacred name of the Father and the Son in late 1970 at Tuikhal. Probably, this small Assembly is the first and pioneering congregation to call on the name of Yahweh and Yahshua Messiah in Myanmar. In deed Yahweh has blessed the hands of these simple persons so that during 1990 there were about 30 families in Tuikhal alone and other new congregations were springing up in over ten villages. Unfortunately, while we got this little success and great joy in Him there came great tests among the believers and whereby much of the congregations left the assembly and entered into one of a newly and prominent Sunday Churches since 1995. Some of them simply because of an idea of getting good education for their children and for better livelihood like the majority of the world do. My father himself being not highly educated person couldn't do anything except to renew his faith and the ones who are remaining on Yahweh's side. As the time passed by and when Yahweh has raised His faithful and mighty servants here and there in many countries some of our old people also had come back into Yahweh's family and there are few followers to the truth now in the Chin Hills. Moreover, by the unceasing and whole hearted witness by the brethren there are a good number of people who are interested in our message and could hear positive responses from many Bible truth seekers from various denominations and personals in our area.


Objective prayers

However, one of the great problem or hindrance for our people to accept and embraced the Sacred Name teaching is obviously because of seeing the smallness of our movement and abilities. Sadly, we often heard the common statement, "if your messages and faith is true why you are not success" from those wealthy and attractive church goers even after they do seemingly agreed with us on the Scriptures. Needless to say, the believers ourselves on the other hand live in hand to mouth situation compared to them. Though the purpose of this letter itself is not to seek support or help, the real situation and big hardship that the brethren here have faced the past three decades, however, demands it whether we like it or not. Thanks be to Yahweh for keeping and leading His works among our people along these years in spite of lacking external helps. By faith we are looking upward and striving ahead that the good will of Yahweh be done more and more in us and for all people in Myanmar. For this cause the time of your sweet praying hours and your cheerful supports be greatly needed and would be very useful in the ways how Yahweh lead us in future.

Finally, on behalf of the brethren in Tuikhal and of Myanmar I would humbly like to invite you to pray together with us for the much needed and long time waited new Sanctuary building at Tuikhal village, and that we could able to start the ministry work also in Yangon city.


            Brother Isaac Mung,  
Harvest Garden Project  

We’re happy to announce the local Garden Harvest Project at Kingdom City is on its way with a little help from local brethren and others that have pitched in. One of the biggest helps was a friend of Elder John and Liz Fisher who volunteered to plow and then till the needed area for a large garden. He used his own equipment and time and saved us a lot of work. Our video editor and camera man, David Choate, even pitched in helping to cut up a tree that was giving too much shade to the  garden area. Elder David Brett helped plant the fruit trees (two apple and two peach) that were a combined donation to the Assembly. Another  donation came in for an electric fence to protect the vegetables from deer, rabbits, and raccoons that may decide they’d like a free meal. We’re grateful for other donated items such as canning supplies from two different sisters. We hope to make good use of them and even help supply needed funds for the Assembly through local farmers markets. We’ll need to do all we can while the economy shows continued signs of trouble here in America causing a slow down in contributions to get the message of the coming Kingdom of Yahweh out to the nations.


We want to also especially thank those who contributed to Myanmar recently. Though not associated with the garden, it is still a needed planting that is going on. The funds will be sent and we hope it will help them share the Word of Yahweh in areas that may have people who are now more willing to listen to reason and the hope that we all have in Yahshua the Messiah. They now have translations of YAIY Mini-Studies in the Burmese which are also on our website to share. May Yahweh continue to guide and direct our paths in helping others learn of His ways.




Maintenance Fund


We are looking forward to getting started on printing the booklets. The Mistaken J and Biblical Holy Days are the first ones planned to be done, but we really need the collator to be in better working condition first.

   Please contribute what you can to this Maintenance Fund so we can move forward in a stronger and more effective way.             — In Yahshua




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New Brother in Yahshua      


Elder Eddie Tadea from the Philippines sent this picture of our new brother, Mark Louie Dimaisip, about to be immersed. Mark was baptized last May 19, 2008. Elder Eddie says, “It's so uplifting when a person learns and accepts the truth.” ….How true!
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Pentecost is coming!    June 15th,  2008

May we all be found,

helping with His harvest.

Yahweh's Assembly in Yahshua