August 2009  
Volume 3, Issue 8
Yahweh's Assembly
in Yahshua

I planted, Apollos watered, but Yahweh caused it to grow. So neither the one who plants counts for anything, nor the one who waters, but Yahweh who causes the growth.

The one who plants and the one who waters work as one, but each will receive his reward according to his work. We are coworkers belonging to Yahweh. You are Yahweh’s field,

Yahweh’s building.


    —1 Cor 3:6-9 NET


Month of Maintenance




It seems like this last month of July has been a month of maintenance and house cleaning here locally in Kingdom City, MO.  The Assembly building now has two full time dehumidifiers with pumps that were installed by Elder David Brett, due to mildew building up  within a couple locations of the building. Elder John and Sister Liz Fisher came in and donated their time to help shampoo the main carpet and clean the chairs.

     Things no longer used in storage have been donated to the Goodwill. The main garage unit on the property was gone through and cleaned up so that there is more room in it now.

      It had been so cluttered that one could easily trip when walking around. Having cleared out a number of things we now find that the roof is leaking in one section. We hope to be able to take care of it before winter.

     We’ve ordered $2000 worth of belts for the main collator in the pressroom. We’ll look forward to installing them probably later this month of August.  There are a number of booklets yet to be printed and the collator with new belts will be of tremendous help, but we also need a dedicated pre-press worker (able to process negatives and put to plates) who can also work a two-color press and cutter. The candidate should have a working knowledge of how to process negatives and put to press-plates. Training is possible for the right person.

     One of the offices has been cleaned up and painted not too long ago, and now we are clearing out the other office to prepare it for new paint which Sister Carrie Brett volunteered for since she works there. Eggshell White is on the list!

     The three bedroom house, two doors away from the Assembly, was just reduced $20,000 for a quick sale. We’re hoping that believers or brethren who believe in this work of proclaiming the Word of Yahweh will take note and come to help. Workers are needed!

      If you’ve read all the literature we have and agree with all of it, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to keep the peace and unity here, but different doctrines we have found first hand causes confusion and trouble.

     We don’t believe Yahweh has ever or will ever bless syncretism, but we do believe there is a great reward for those that support sound doctrine and the pure worship of Yahweh, through His Son, Yahshua.

     We realize not everyone can come and work at the headquarters of YAIY in the U.S., but we encourage you to help promote Yahweh’s Word in your own area the best you can. Consider also the Maintenance Fund we have at the end of this newsletter, it is almost to the top. May Yahweh richly reward you for your efforts!


Then He said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Therefore ask the Master of the harvest to send out

workers into His harvest.”


            —Matt 9:37-38 NET


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    Month of Maintenance
  Details of Noah's Ark
  Astronomical New Moon?
    Maintenance Fund  
    Deeper Study: 7th Day
    Prayer List  
Details of Noah’s Ark
Note: Though we find information in Scripture about the chronology of the flood, as we see below, Scripture does not describe how long it took to build it. Scripture references are taken from Genesis chapters 7-8.

To the right and below:

The Bible Knowledge Commentary

Astronomical New Moon?

New Moon or No Moon ?

That is the question.

The Astronomical New Moon is defined by scientists who believe there is no creator, but we see in Scripture that the Hebrew words used for moon do not indicate “dark” or “night.” The first possible sign for the newness or renewal of a moon would be the first visible “light.”  ….Notice the following:

“Hebrew has two terms for moon: yareakh and levonah. The first is a common Semitic term, appearing as yrkh in Phoenician and as arkhu in Akkadian, where it is also the usual word for ‘month’ or one lunation. Yerakh also means month in Hebrew.

“Levonah is a derivative of ‘white.’ In most biblical references, levonah is used in parallelism to shemesh, ‘sun,’ to describe the brilliant luminosity of the moon (Song of Sol. 6:10; Isa. 30:26). But in Isa. 24:23, levonah is used in parallelism to bosh, ‘shame,’ to evoke an image of colorlessness accompanying embarrassment.

“In referring to the new month, the biblical author uses the term ‘new, renewal’ (Heb. khodesh) rather than either of the standard terms for moon.”

                                                                                          Harpers Bible Dictionary (Page 652)


913     ירח ( yrḥ). Assumed root of the following.  913a     יָרֵַח (yārēaḥ) moon. 913b     יֶרַח (yeraḥ) month.

יַרֶַה (yareah). Moon. (ASV and RSV the same.) The word occurs 27 times. “The moon,” frequently paralleled by “the sun,” was created by [Elohim] to rule the night and to indicate the seasons, especially the occasions of feasts (Ps 104:19; 136:9). The moon gives off enough light in the Near East by which to perform many tasks, and during full moon journeys could be made at night.


            —Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, page 406 (See also 1074 לבן lbn, page 467)


3842 לְבָנָה lâbanah /leb·aw·naw/] n f. From 3835; TWOT 1074c; GK 4244; Three occurrences; AV translates as “moon” three times. 1 moon (as white).

                                                                                                                  Strong’s Concordance



Help us to blow the top off the


We are almost there. Just a little more and we can move forward in a stronger way, sharing and

promoting the sound

doctrines of Scripture in the Spirit of Yahweh.


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Deeper Study: the 7th Day

Do “Appointed Times” start the evening before, according to Yahweh’s calendar? (Lev 23:32) If a Sabbath day starts in the evening, when the sun goes down past the horizon, then does a Sabbath also end on an evening? (Mark 1:21, 32) Does the fading away of the sun determine when a new day is beginning? (Ps 104:19)

     Note: There is a theory that the Sabbath starts from the new moon. That is, one counts from a new moon seven days to come to the Sabbath. This is impossible since the creation account shows the first moon, literally a new moon, being created on the 4th day, Gen 1:14-19. 3-days later Yahweh rested on the Sabbath day, Gen 2:1-3.

     It is also commanded that six days one is to work, Ex 20:9; Deut 5:13. This is problematic for those observing the false doctrine of the “lunar Sabbath,” especially at the beginning and the end of a Scriptural month, which is designated by the new moon shown on a regular pattern every 29 to 30 days.

     Another theory is that a day, and therefore the Sabbath on the 7th day, starts from noon to noon. This, too, is impossible since Scripture clearly defines that one day is separated by another day when the sun goes down, Ps 104:19. Theories will come and go, but Yahweh’s word stands true, due to the steadfastness of the Ones who provided it, Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8: James 1:17.

     What is the definition of a 24 hour day? (Gen 1:5) Did those of ancient times believe a day ended when the sun went down in the evening? (Judges 14:8; 19:9)


Ancient Calculated Calendars?

If you’ve studied the timetable of Noah’s Ark (see chronology on page 2), you’ll find that the months are in 30 day increments. During the time the moon was not able to be viewed each month, it was counted out to the 30th day. The same thing is done today when the new moon is not visibly confirmed due to excessive cloud cover. Only in man’s calendars will you find 31 day months. Interestingly enough, October 1582 had a 21 day month authorized by Pope Gregory XIII.

     The weekly pattern would be easy to keep track of since it has not changed from creation. Even with recent calendar changes the weekly pattern can be historically verified going back to the Messiah’s time of the first century of the Common Era. Yahshua attended the synagogues at that time, as was His custom (Luke 4:16), in obedience with Yahweh’s word.

Prayer List

Elder Dick Vaow, Hap Tew, Alice Findling, Cindy Gustke and Family, Michelle Love and Family, Jewell Holt, Dolores Parker, Elder Don and Mil Mansager, Leah Villas, Maxine Conrad, Patricia Prince, Terrel Frasure, Donald Appling, Lois McDonald, Theodore Johnson, David Miller, Leslie Silva and Family, Robert Price, Clemencia Thomas, Shirley Ammons, Lisa Jenkins, Beth Watson, Beverly Filbertson, David and Barbara Creel, Renee McKinsey, Vincent Gay, Bernadine Andrew, David Jones Jr., Larry Skinner, Charlie Pelton, Deborah De Brael, Mark Phillips, Brenda Lewis, Gary  and Lanai Dubois, Mike Matney, Tami Lanphere, Dave McCoy, Robert Dorchester, Sandra Gets, Dries Van Zyl,  Sharon Grobler, Angela Sulton, Jim Stills, Nusufuno Luthada, Patrick and Brandy Baumann, Mathew Baumann, Tisha Palmore, Sean Rogers, Gloria McDuffy, Daphne Griffith and Family, Elder Y. Sunith Premanand David,  Kelly Rivera and Family, Donald Carringer, Clare Kane, Rusty Bullinger, Victoria Marloff, Cynthia Hull and Family,  Tamira Samuel and Family,  John and Liz Palmer,  Paladug Ravikiran,  Suresh Perumalla, Jean Baumann, Heidi Ann Eve Isdell, Editha Wayland and Family,  Steven Johnson and Family, Elizabeth Bailey,  Lance Bullock,  Maxine and Analourdis Quinones, Rosemary Henry and Family, Augustus Paul and Family, Jose Luis Celaya, brethren around the world, world leaders, Jerusalem and all the land of Israel.