Volume 2, Issue 5  
    May 2008  
An Unexpected Visit
      A long time ago, Yahweh sent the angel, Gabriel, to a young woman named Miriam (most people call her “Mary” but her real Hebrew name is Miriam).  Miriam was understandably frightened by Gabriel’s sudden appearance, but he calmed her fears.  “Don’t be afraid,” said Gabriel,  “Yahweh is pleased with you.  You shall give birth to a son and name him Yahshua.” 
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      At first Miriam was shocked being that she had no husband yet.  How could she have a baby?  But Gabriel explained that nothing is impossible with Yahweh—He would cause the Holy Spirit to come upon her and cause a baby to be born.  “He will be Yahweh’s own Son,” said Gabriel.

      Now Joseph and Miriam were engaged to be married.  Of course Joseph was surprised when he learned Miriam was going to have a baby.  Joseph decided to quietly call off their engagement.  But an angel appeared to him and said, “Don’t hesitate to marry Miriam.  The baby is from the Holy Spirit.  He will save His people from their sins.”  So they were married. 

And Jacob
begat Joseph
the husband
of Miriam,
of whom
was born
Yahshua, who
is called
The Annointed
      One (Messiah).  
-Matthew 1:16


      At that time, all the people of Israel were ordered to register with the tax
collectors.  Every family had to return to their own hometown to sign up. So Joseph and Miriam traveled to Bethlehem for that was where Joseph’s family was from.  And Yahshua was born there.  As soon as He was born, Miriam wrapped Him tightly in swaddling clothes.  Mothers in Miriam’s culture cut long strips of cloth and wound them around their babies to make them feel cozy, warm, and protected.  Swaddling clothes were like diapers and blankets all in one.  Whenever babies needed changing, mothers would simply wrap them in clean strips. 
      A few shepherds were out in the lonely dark hills outside Bethlehem  and they heard a voice saying, “ Fear not! For unto you is born the Messiah!.”  The shepherds quickly went to Bethlehem to see this great event..  They searched high and low.  When they found Yahshua, the shepherds praised Yahweh with great joy.  The Hebrew people had been waiting so long for the appearance of the Messiah.  But could it be that an ordinary couple like Joseph and Miriam would be the earthly parents of Yahweh’s own Son?  Indeed it happened   just like that!  After the shepherds had seen Yahshua, they told everyone
of what they had seen and so the news of Yahshua’s birth spread across the land.   
      In the evangel of Matthew, we learn of another visit—-the Magi (also known as wise men) went to see Yahshua.  Many scholars believe the Magi were learned men from Persia who studied the stars.  They knew about the Old Testament prophecy that a king would be born in Bethlehem.  So they traveled to the small village and presented expensive gifts to Yahshua.    Even though many people assume there were three Magi, the Bible does not say exactly how many there were.   
      When Yahshua was a little older, Joseph and Miriam took Him to  
the temple to present Him to Yahweh.  This was what all parents did
for their new baby boys.  They met two elderly people there named
Simeon and Anna.  When Simeon saw Yahshua, he exclaimed,
“Thanks be to Yahweh!  I can now die in peace as I have seen Your
salvation with my own eyes!”  Now Anna was a prophetess who
prayed to Yahweh day and night.  She proclaimed to everyone that
she had seen the child who would free Jerusalem.  Miriam and
Joseph were so amazed to hear these words.
      So Yahshua grew up and did many great things.  The most
important thing He did was die for our sins so that Yahweh may now
accept us if we repent and obey Him.
      Yahshua’s blood covers our transgressions and allows us to have
a clean slate.  We must always remember what Yahshua did for us.
Without His sacrifice, we would have no hope.  Let us always worship Yahweh, through Yahshua, with a pure heart!   



            In the Kingdom….

      One day the earth will be made new.  Yahweh has promised that He will restore the earth.  Everything will be perfect.  People will be healthy and happy.  And all animals will be harmless and peaceful.  Even the lions will lay down with the lambs and not hurt them!

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Who am I?
I prayed at the temple day and night..  I knew Yahshua was the one who would one day free Jerusalem!”  



A.  Gabriel

B.  Joseph

C.  The Magi

D.  Anna, the prophetess

An angel appeared to me and told me I would have a baby and I was so surprised!”  

A.  Simeon

B.  Miriam

C.  Anna, the prophetess

D.  The Magi

We brought gifts to present to the infant—-he is going to be a King someday!”  

A.  The Magi

B.  Gabriel

C.  Joseph

D.  Simeon

I was commanded to tell a young woman that she would become the mother of Yahweh’s own son!”  

A.  Joseph

B.  Gabriel

C.  Simeon

D.  Anna, the prophetess

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