Volume 2, Issue 12  
    December 2008  

Let’s Learn about Forgiveness!

Inside this issue:
     Most of us are familiar with the story of the prodigal son.  Let’s quickly review. A        Lets Learn About...
wealthy man had two sons.  One day the younger son asked his father to give him       Crossword Puzzle  
his inheritance.  The father complied and the young man left home.  He ended up       Alphabet Dot to Dot  
spending his inheritance on fine clothing and       Have you prayed...?  
expensive parties.  The money soon ran out and      
the young man had to find a job.  A farmer      
"If you forgive
hired him to feed his pigs.       
others the
wrongs they
      Things got so bad for the young man that      
have done to
even the pig slop looked good to eat!  He      
you, your
quickly came to his senses and returned home      
Father in
to his father to beg his forgiveness.  The father      
heaven will
was overjoyed and embraced his son.  A special      
also forgive
party was planned for the young man to      
celebrate his return.      
-Matt 6:14
      Now the older brother was out in the field      
and heard music and laughter.  His anger burned within him.  He complained to his father, “ You have
never prepared a feast for me, even though I have worked hard for you while this brother of mine was
out wasting your money!”
      The father gently explained, “Son, all that I have is yours.  But today we must celebrate.  Your brother,
who was lost, is now found.”  The ultimate meaning of this parable is to show how happy Yahweh feels
when a sinner turns back to him.
Alphabet Dot to Dot
The prodigal son spent all his money.  He got a job feeding me! 
Connect the dots below starting with the letter “a” to find out what letter is comes first in my name.
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Have you prayed today?

      In the Bible, we find that we are to “pray without ceasing.”  Yahweh answered many prayers of His faithful servants and He still answers prayers today.  But we must always remember to pray in Yahshua’s Name.  We must never pray for selfish things.  When you pray, always pray that Yahweh’s will be done.  And never forget to praise Him for the blessings He has given you.    Be sure to pray for other people too.  So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t forget to pray today! 

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