Volume 3, Issue 6  
    June 2009  

What is Pentecost?

Inside this issue:
      Many people know that Yahweh’s people are still required to keep Yahweh’s Holy       What is Pentecost?
Days even today.  Pentecost is one of those days.  After Yahshua rose from the dead       Pop Quiz  
      and ascended to heaven, His       Mystery Word  
followers  met in houses on weekly        
and annual Sabbaths.  The disciples      
were together keeping the day of      
Pentecost in Jerusalem.  Suddenly      
a noise like a strong wind filled the      
house and what seemed to be      
"And it shall
flames of fire appeared over their      
be that
heads.  Then each one began to      
everyone who
speak in a different language      
calls on the
telling what great things Yahweh      
name of
had done.   
      The people outside were  
will be saved."
confused.  They mumbled to each      
other, “What is this all about? We  
-Acts 2:18
know these people are from  
(Joel 2:38)
Galilee, yet we hear them speaking      
in other languages!  Surely they      
must be filled with wine!”      
     Peter spoke up and answered,      
    “Listen to me, people of      
Jerusalem!  We are not drunk—we      
have been filled with Yahweh’s      
Holy Spirit..  Everyone must repent      
and be baptized in Yahshua’s      
  Name, then they too will receive          
the gift of the Spirit!”  That day three thousand people believed in Yahshua and became followers of    

      Since that day, the wonderful news of Yahshua’s resurrection from the dead spread to all nations.  More and more people became followers.  People liked the believers because they lived righteous lives.  Yahweh blessed them with new members daily.

      Pentecost has been known by different names.  In the Old Testament, it was called  the Feast of Weeks or Feast of Firstfruits.  It always falls on a Sunday.  We are to do no labor on this Holy Day.  We try to do all our work beforehand.  In the Greek language, Pentecost literally means to “count 50.” 

      Consider this: Because the disciples were obediently keeping Pentecost in Acts, Yahweh poured the gift of His Spirit upon them.  What if they had not been keeping His Holy Days?  There is a good reason that Yahweh wants us to keep His special Feasts!  The Holy Spirit was sent to remain on earth permanently.  Prior to this time, only certain people were given the gift of the Holy Spirit to accomplish Yahweh’s will.  But once the task was completed, Yahweh would remove the Spirit.  Yahshua had promised that Yahweh would send the Comforter (another term for the Holy Spirit).  The day of Pentecost was the beginning of the New Testament Assembly.  Yahshua had warned His disciples not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Holy Spirit that Yahweh would send.    

      The Holy Spirit is not a separate, individual person in a so-called trinity.  It is simply the power that comes from Yahweh.  The power of the Holy Spirit within us helps us to live the lives that Yahweh wants us to.  We do not pray to the Holy Spirit—only to Yahweh, through Yahshua.  In the future, the power of the Holy Spirit will even help us to speak the words Yahweh wants us to when we are called before powerful rulers on the earth!

      The wave sheaf offering played an important role in Scripture.  Yahshua became the wave sheaf offering and presented Himself  to Yahweh, John 20:15-17.  The harvest of grain could not begin until the special sheaf was waved before Yahweh.  So Yahshua was the firstfruits offering.  Because Yahweh accepted Yahshua, He will also accept those who follow Him.  The believers will also be resurrected and have eternal life, just like Yahshua.  We know this as the first resurrection.  It will be a wonderful time—a harvest of souls which is coming in the future.  Let us strive to be a firstfruit!

Pop Quiz!

The Feast of Pentecost was also known by the name:

1.  Feast of Weeks or Feast of Firstfruits.

2.  There were no other names that Pentecost was known by.

3.  It was called Day of Atonement.

4.  None of the above.



Pentecost always falls on a:

1.  Tuesday

2.  Thursday

3.  Monday

4.  Sunday


What special event occurred on Pentecost?

1.  It was like any ordinary day.

2.  The Disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

3.  The Disciples spoke in other languages.

4.  Both 2 and 3.


True or False:  The people thought that the Disciples were filled with wine because they heard them speaking in other languages.  Please circle: TRUE or FALSE.


True or False:  Pentecost means “count 50” in Greek.  Please circle: TRUE or FALSE.


True or False:  The Holy Spirit is a person.  Please circle: TRUE or FALSE.

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Mystery Word
      Read the list of words below.  If they belong to the Pentecost story, circle the letter in the “Yes” column.  If they do not belong to the story, circle the letter in the “No” column.   

                                                           Yes            No

1.  Feast                                               O              P

2.  Disciples                                         B              A

3.  Skateboard                                    X               E

4.  Pentecost                                       D              F

5.  Pizza                                                S               I

6.  Bubblegum                                   T               E

7.  Languages                                    N              K

8.  Spirit                                               C             W

9.  Balloons                                         G             E


To discover the secret word that pleases Yahweh, copy all the circled letters in order on the blanks below:


____  ____  ____  ____  ____  ____  ____  ____  ____

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