Volume 3, Issue 12  
    December 2009  
“How can I stay healthy?”
      The answer to the above question is simple.  Keep Yahweh’s laws!  Many in the world believe that all food is okay to eat nowadays, but Yahweh’s people know better.  They know that Yahweh gave His people special health laws because He loves them and wants them to be healthy and happy.  If we break these laws, we might get sick.  If our bodies are healthy, our minds can be healthy too.  None of us like to get sick, so what can we do to help ourselves? 
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Clean Food Quiz
      The first thing we can do is to eat the right kinds of food.  When it comes to meat and fish, not all kinds are clean for us to consume.  Food has a direct impact on our well-being.  We eat food because it is the fuel needed to keep us going just like gasoline keeps a car running.  Yahweh made the human   body as a wonderful creation.  He created just the right type of “fuel” to keep us going.  So what are
“My son, give
attention to
my words;
Incline your
ear to my
sayings. Do not
let them depart
from your sight;
Keep them 
in the midst
of your heart.
For they are
life to those who
    find them And

clean meats and fish?  We are allowed to eat fish that have fins and scales.  As for meats, cows, buffalo, deer, sheep, and goats are clean.  Did you notice that the clean meats come from animals that eat grasses and foliage?  The unclean animals like pigs, dogs, and cats, eat dirty things.  This does not mean we are not allowed to have pets. 

health to all their
— Prov 4:20-22
      Other unclean creatures include shellfish, snakes, lizards, skunks, mice, horses,          
camels, and rabbits.  We are allowed to eat clean birds like chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and doves.  These birds eat grains and plants.  The unclean birds include eagles, owls, vultures, crows, hawks, and pelicans, and they eat unclean things like dead animals.  Another interesting fact about clean animals is that they usually have a split hoof.

      Concerning sea creatures, why are some considered unclean?  Catfish, whales, clams, eels, oysters, sharks, dolphins, and lobsters feed on unclean matter in the ocean.  They absorb more toxins in their bodies and are often referred to the “garbage disposals of the sea.”  We know that clean fish have fins and scales, but why does that help them to be clean?  It appears that scales actually have an insulating effect, thereby preventing direct contact with waters that may contain toxic matter.  Yahweh knew what he was doing when he gave His health laws to His people!   

      Yahweh also created nourishing fruits and vegetables to keep us healthy and energetic.  Listen to your parents when they tell you to “Eat your vegetables” as they know what’s best for you.  Try not to eat too much candy and sweets.  Too much sugar is bad for your teeth and can cause other health problems.  Choose fresh fruit juice or water instead of soda.    Also eat more whole grains including brown rice and whole grain pasta.  Avoid fatty, greasy foods.       


       Try to get plenty of exercise instead of watching television or playing video games all the time.  Our bodies need to move in order to stay flexible and keep our muscles working properly.  If we stay sedentary too long, we lose muscle and gain fat because we are not burning calories.

      Keep your hands clean by washing them often, and especially before you eat.  This will prevent germs that can cause a cold or the flu.  Learn to keep your room clean too—never leave food in your room or dirty snack wrappers that can attract bugs and rodents that can make people sick.  Yahweh expects His people to be clean in all ways—in our minds, bodies, and homes. 

      Most importantly, stay close to Yahweh.  Obey Him and pray often.  Choose smart entertainment that will keep your mind and heart pure.  Your parents can help you make good choices.  Yahweh has put your parents in charge to take care of you.  Study His Word often to show yourself approved! 

Clean Food Word Search
Below are just a small list of all the wonderful, healthy foods we can eat!  Try to find them in the box.

Apple    Orange     Chicken     Turkey      Rice

Fish       Corn          Broccoli      Lettuce      Berries

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Clean Food Quiz



  Do you know the correct answers?  Circle the best one.

  Concerning food:

  A.  I can eat whatever I want.

  B.I must eat only the foods that Yahweh allows.

  C. It doesn't matter to Yahweh what I eat.

  D. All foods are healthy.


  Yahweh created:

  A.  Many different foods that would benefit His people.

  B.  No food laws at all.

  C.  Only fruits to be eaten.

  D.  Only meats to be eaten.


  I can stay healthy by:

  A.  Watching television all day.

  B.  Eating candy all the time.

  C.  Drinking soda.

  D.  Eating right, exercising, and keeping myself and my surroundings clean.


  Circle the best list  of what is considered clean:

  A.  Pork, clams, and eagles.

  B.  Rabbits, lobsters, and dogs.

  C.  Beef, chickens, and buffaloes.

  D.  Mice, horses, and hawks. 

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