Volume 4, Issue 8
August 2010
Don’t follow the crowd!
      It’s not easy being a young believer trying to live Yahweh’s way of life.  By now, you have probably met and interacted with other young people who don’t share your love of Yahweh.  They may say or do things that you know are very wrong.  They may watch things on television that you’re not allowed to watch.  A good rule to live by is, “Don’t follow the crowd, unless they are doing something good!”
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      Don't Follow the Crowd!
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       You may sometimes feel left out because you won’t participate in certain activities like the others.  They may even tease you or try to make you feel bad.  Stand your ground and don’t lose heart.  Yahweh has a wonderful reward for the people who love him. 


 Do not be fooled: “Bad friends will ruin good habits.”

1 Cor 15:33


       Don’t hesitate to tell your parents if you see or hear something that isn't right.  They need to know what’s going on in your life.  Yahweh has put parents in charge of keeping you safe, happy, and healthy.

      Continue to serve Yahweh to the best of your ability.  Don’t let temptation get in the way of doing what is right.  Yahweh is looking for a young person just like you who is willing to stand for His way.  Yahweh called King David when he was just a youth, because David had a heart for Yahweh.  Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were also very young when they stood up for their beliefs.  Let their examples inspire you to do the same!



Practice Doing Right

      We encounter many situations in our daily lives, sometimes difficult ones.  It’s important to make good decisions that please Yahweh.  Read the following situations below and think about what the right thing to do would be.  Circle the answer that you believe would please Yahweh the most.  

At school, a classmate discovers that you won’t be participating in the Halloween party.  He thinks you’re weird and starts teasing you.  You:

1.  Tease him right back.

2.  Stay calm and try to ignore the teasing, but tell your parents later.

3.  Leave the class and slam the door.

4.  Threaten to hit him if he doesn't stop. 


Your parents allow you to spend the night at your cousin’s house.  She wants to watch a movie that you know your parents would not approve of.  What would you do?

1.  Watch the movie anyway. Your parents won’t find out.

2. Suggest another movie.

3. Tell her you’ll need to leave the room or go home if she     

     insists on watching the movie.    

4. Both 2 and 3 would work.


You’re feeling down in the dumps because school is hard and you are struggling with your faith in Yahweh.  How would you handle it?

1.  Give up and stop trying.

2.  Continue to do your best.  Pray to Yahweh more, and seek help from your parents.

3.  Become rebellious because it seems like the rebels are having more fun.

4.  Just ignore the problem until it gets so bad that you’re really overwhelmed.

Righteous Character

      Yahweh expects His people to have good qualities.  He wants other people to see our examples of righteousness in action.  Then they will praise Him.  Find the following in the box below:


Sharing      Serving       Gentleness     Kindness

Merciful     Loving         Helpful

Faithful      Cheerful

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Summer’s End Ideas

      By this time of the year, many children are getting bored with summer.  Most will be heading back to school soon, but it’s not too late to enjoy the last warm days of the season.  Here are just a few ideas to keep you busy until school starts:


1.  Make your own personalized book marks for your Bible!  You be the artist.  Cut out cardstock (any color) to the length and width you want.  Use a ruler for accuracy.  Decorate them in any way you like—use fabric, old photographs,  or glitter attached with glue.  You can also use stencils to write your name or favorite Bible scripture.  Can be laminated if desired.

2.  Make ice cream cones that will not melt!  Actually, they’re cup cake cones.  Don’t try this one without your parents help and permission.  Follow the directions to make your favorite cake mix.  Spoon batter into cones only 3/4 full.  Place cones in cupcake tins and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes.  Use a toothpick to see if they are done.  Cool slightly, then frost and decorate them any way you like.

3.  Make your own backyard horseshoe game.  Fill an old plastic bottle with water or sand for stability.  Then make horseshoes by gluing popsicle sticks together into a “U” shape (it won’t be as rounded, of course, but will still work).  Take turns throwing the “horseshoes” to try to hook them around the bottle.  3 points for hooking the bottle and 1 point for getting them at least six inches from the bottle or at least touching the bottle.  The first person to reach 20 points wins. 

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