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Volume 1, Issue 12              
December 2007  
The Benefits of Giving

We all know that Yahshua said that it’s better to give than receive.  But many have wondered just how this is so.  What benefits can the “giver” expect to receive?  Recent studies have shown that giving seems to be true to our inherent nature as social beings.  For instance, as demanding as toddlers can be, most will soberly hold out their own pacifiers to comfort their sobbing siblings or share their food with the family pet. 

      Most people would admit that giving feels good.  Why is this?  Believe it or not, the feel-good response is actually built into our DNA. 

     The John Templeton Foundation was able to compile a 300-page annotated bibliography of such studies.  MRI scans revealed that when people do good, dopamine is released in the brain.  Dopamine is a hormone associated with pleasurable feelings. 

Inside this issue:  

      Also discovered in these studies is the fact that those who do good for others had much lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Generous acts of kindness supply a feel-good hormone in place of a feel-bad one.  We all could use less stress in our lives!

      It has long been known that angry or depressed people have weaker immune systems.  Doing good can strengthen your immune system by increasing levels of healthy antibodies that ward off illness.  In addition, the studies also confirmed that elderly, retired people lived longer when they participated in volunteer activities for 2 or 3 hours per week! 

The Benefits of Giving  
No More Excuses!  
Is Organic Food Safer  
“Holiday” Coping Strategies
           There are many ways to give and most do not involve money at all.  Why not send a cheerful card to someone who is ill?  Or how about visiting a nursing home just to show compassion to those there?  Or perhaps you could volunteer at your child’s school.   Even sincerely praying for someone is an act of giving.  May we all follow Yahshua’s words to be a giver!  
No More Excuses!




      People use a whole myriad of excuses to avoid taking care of themselves.  Well, it is time to stop.  We all know that exercise is crucial to our health and well-being!  Do you have any of these excuses?

“I’m too Busy.  Who has time to exercise?”

If you can find time to get your hair and nails done, you can find time to exercise.  Even if you work in an office at a computer all day, you can fit little bits of exercise into your day.  For instance, while you are at your desk, you can do leg raises.  Also try tightening and releasing your abdominal muscles numerous times.  Some studies even indicate that this may be just as effective as stomach crunches! 


“It’s too hot!  Or it’s too cold!”

This is really no excuse whatsoever.  There are exercise DVD’s that anyone can purchase for any level of fitness or age level.  You can do these in the comfort of your own home.  Some people even purchase inexpensive jump ropes and head down to their basements for a powerful cardio workout!


I have no energy to work out.”

Exercising actually gives you energy.  First off, visit your physician to make sure nothing physical is causing your fatigue.  If he or she gives you a clean bill of health, there’s no reason you can’t begin an exercise regimen.  Just start out slowly and gradually increase as you get stronger.


“Any other clever ways to sneak exercise into my day?”

When you go grocery shopping, park farther away from the store entrance so you can get a brisk walk to and from the store.  Or try this:  While watching the evening news, whenever the commercials come on, get down on the floor and do as many push-ups or stomach crunches you can until the news comes back on.  Or clean your house as quickly as you can and work up a sweat.  Housework really does burn calories, ladies!


“ I love junk food.  What do you suggest I do?”

Don’t deprive yourself completely from the foods you love.  Eat smaller portions.  Also, try to make your favorites healthier.  For instance, instead of totally giving up pizza, just load more veggies on it or simply reduce the amount of high-fat cheese.  Simple changes really do add up! 

Is Organic Food Safer?
        By now all of have heard about the debate concerning pesticides in our food.  Research has indeed shown that pesticides can cause neurotoxicity in animals and farm workers that are exposed to high levels.  Research also shows that organic produce contains much higher levels of beneficial nutrients, so there’s no question organic is better.  The problem with organic is that it is so much more expensive than conventional.  So how can the average person reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides?  One way is to eat more of the least contaminated items, and less of the most contaminated items.  The following items in List 1 are found to be the lowest in pesticides:   

List 1: (Buying conventional, non-organic is fine):





Sweet corn (frozen)




Sweet peas (frozen)







List 2: (Organic is safer, but proper precautions can reduce harmful exposure):




Bell peppers






Grapes (imported)





“Holiday” Coping Strategies

For New Believers

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  Many newly-immersed Believers will not be celebrating Christmas for the first time this year.  Or perhaps you are just learning about the pagan origins of Christmas and want to celebrate Yahweh’s true Holy Days instead.  It is especially difficult for parents who have children who have always celebrated Christmas since the day they born.  It will take some getting used to not doing what you have always done.  Don’t be discouraged.  It is normal to feel a sense of loss when starting a new way of life.  Many nostalgic memories are attached to worldly holidays such as family gatherings and feelings of togetherness.  You can now start creating new memories  when obeying Yahweh’s truths.

      The most important thing to remember is you should not try to force your new beliefs on your unbelieving family members.  It is okay to share your beliefs with them, but don’t condemn or berate them for not understanding the Bible the way you do.  Yahweh is opening your mind, not necessarily theirs at this time.  Don’t become self-righteous or sarcastic when dealing with non-believers.  It will only serve to further alienate them.  At the same time, do not allow friends or family members to berate you for following Yahweh.  Some people find that they have no choice but to separate from contentious relatives.  This does not mean married couples should divorce, as Yahweh hates unscriptural divorce.  Do what you can to keep the peace, but don’t compromise with the truth.  Wives with unbelieving spouses are in a particularly unique situation.  A wife is under her husband’s authority.  She can still obey Yahweh, but should never try to usurp her husband’s authority.  For instance, if her husband wants pork for dinner, she can fix it for him, but she does not have to eat it herself.  Yahweh will bless her for trying her best to obey His laws.  May we all have peace! 


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