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Volume 1, Issue 10              
October 2007  
       Do You Have Post-Feast Blues?

The Feast of Tabernacles is over and we are plunged back into the world.  This is often a very discouraging time for many Feast attendees.  At the Feast, we are surrounded by other Believers, and are shielded from the negative influence that the world offers.  The sermons, singing, activities, fellowship, and Bible studies put us in a spiritual frame of mind.  We often feel closer to Yahweh than at other times of the year!

      Many of us have returned to our worldly jobs and daily concerns.  We feel a tremendous burden just by being around people who do not share our convictions.  Catching up on things is not easy and  feeling overwhelmed is quite common.  We think longingly of the Feast where we felt peace and calm. 

      One way that Believers can keep the benefits of the Feast is by keeping in touch with those they met.  Write, call, or e-mail other Feast attendees and talk about the nice things you experienced at the Feast.  Start talking about next year’s Feast and start saving your second tithe now so that financial concerns will not hinder you for next year.

      Make a scrapbook or put your Feast photos in a nice album, so that you can look at the wonderful memories you had at the Feast.  Also, don’t neglect Bible study and prayer.  At the Feast we had daily studies, sermons, and prayers.  When people return home they often fall into the pattern of not studying and praying.  Be sure to set aside daily time for this most important aspect to spiritual growth.

      Yahweh has a marvelous purpose in mind when He commanded us to keep His Feasts.  The Feast of Tabernacles is often the highlight of the year for many people.  Yahweh wants us to experience 8 days of deep fellowship with other believers to recharge our spiritual batteries.  We are to bring home the lessons we gleaned.  Dwelling in booths teaches us that this world is not our permanent home.  Let us live as pilgrims on this earth until we enter our ultimate home in Yahweh’s Kingdom!  

Inside this issue:  
Do You Have Post-Feast Blues?  
Ingredients from the Bible  
Middle Eastern-style Recipe  
Are You Worried?  
Have you heard?  
Thank You Abba Yahweh  
Ingredients from the Bible



Did you know that many of the foods you eat today can be found in the Bible?  Consider the following items:


GRAINS: Wheat, Barley, Millet, Spelt, Beans, Lentils

MEAT: Lamb, Goat, Fish

DAIRY: Milk, Yogurt, Cheese

FRUIT: Figs, Dates, Pomegranates, Melon, Grapes

VEGETABLES: Leeks, Onions, Cucumber, Lettuce

SPICES/OILS: Garlic, Mint, Cinnamon, Butter, Honey, Coriander, Hot pepper, Paprika, Olive oil

OTHER: Olives, Nuts, Vinegar


(Sources: Times staff, PBS, and fooddownunder.com)

Middle Eastern-style Recipe


Ful is traditionally a breakfast item, enjoyed with pita bread.

1 1/2 pounds canned fava beans

1 cup  cooked lentils (optional)

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1/2 t. lemon juice

1/2 t. cumin

1/4 cup olive oil

Crumbled feta cheese, parsley and onions for garnish

Mix together beans, lentils, garlic, juice, cumin, and oil.  Heat through.  Garnish with herbs, onions, and cheese.    
Are You Worried? (Luke 12:24)

Some are worried that they don’t have eyeglasses; but others have no eyes.

Some are worried that they don’t handbags; but others have no arms.

Some are worried that they don’t have a new pair of shoes; but others have no feet.

Some are worried that they are getting fat.  They get anxious and are dying to get trimmed; but others simply don’t have food; they are hungry and dying.

Some are worried that they lost their comb; worried that they don’t have any shampoo; but others have no hair at all and  their bald heads are exposed to weather harassment.

Some are worried that they don’t have a ring; but others have no fingers.

Some are worried that their noses are flat like bars; but others have no nose, only holes (the lepers in the leprosarium).

Some are worried that their cheeks, once pinkish with youthfulness, are now accumulating furrows of shadows; but others have no cheeks at all, only bones.


      Why do some people—a lot of them—invest their time, effort, money, and even worrying about their skin, about the covering, about the wrappings, about the tag, about the color, about the paint, about their hairdo, about how they smell—about the nonessentials that do not touch the core of self?

      I admire those who do not have the essentials—those without eyes, without limbs, without arms, without feet, and yet they do not worry to death, but instead dare to cross the border of nothingness and enter into a world of creativity.  What spirit transports them into that new world?  These people have the spirit of faith that transcends reason; they have the love that penetrates the dark.  They are the brave ones.  They inspire the hopeless.  They have no medals. No rank of major or general, but they are the undeclared heroes of our time.


(Author Unknown, Submitted by Sister Sony Tadea)


Have you heard?


A recent Australian study suggests that watching too much television may actually be bad for your memory!  30, 000 people participated in the study, and those who watched less than an hour a day performed better on memory tasks than those who watched more.  The study also found that those individuals who read books had better memories than those who don’t.  So turn off your TV, pick up a good book, and start reading today (we recommend our favorite book, the Bible, of course!) 

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Thank You for the uniqueness of others.  Thank You that others


know what I do no know.  Thank You that others pick up jobs which
I do not like.  Thank You for what I can do which others cannot.
By our uniqueness, you make each one a donor.
Thank You for my failures, for without them, I cannot appreciate
success.  Thank You for the sufferings and inconveniences I meet in
daily living, for without them, I cannot understand happiness.
Thank You for the realization of my sinfulness, for I see the need
for Your forgiveness and the need to forgive others.  Thank You for
that I cannot answer many questions by logic, for I must answer
them by faith.
Thank You for the people around me, for how can I fulfill your law
of love of “love your neighbor” if there is no love.  Thank You Abba
Yahweh for joining us in our humanity, for You showed us personally
how to join in Your holiness.  HalleluYah!
(Submitted by Sister Sony Tadea)
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