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Volume 4, Issue 2              
February 2010  
Finding Yahweh
      Even if one has worshipped Yahweh since childhood, there comes a time in most individuals’ lives when a deeper relationship with Him is desired.  People may know the Bible from front to back, and still feel something is missing in their walk with Yahweh.  They desire to feel more of Yahweh’s presence in their lives.  They read the Scriptures and say to themselves, “I want to know Yahweh intimately like Moses, David, and the others, yet I feel my prayers are going no higher than the ceiling.”
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Finding Yahweh    
Tough Times are Coming    
How Things Have Changed    
Digestive Health?    
      It’s time to face some hard facts.  People often see the written examples of Yahweh’s mighty power in the lives of people in the Bible, but conveniently forget that people who worshipped Yahweh in Bible times often faced severe trials and difficulties, including martyrdom.  Are we any different today?  Can we expect only good things to happen to us?  Or do the bad things need to happen too?  It’s true that we can cause some of our problems.  For instance, if you are actively participating in sin, you need to stop immediately, repent and turn back to Yahweh.  Our sins do separate us from Yahweh. 
      But even if we always obeyed Yahweh perfectly and completely, would this guarantee that nothing bad would ever happen to us?  Would our prayers always be answered as we prayed them?  No!  Fathers try to protect their children and Yahweh is indeed our Father.  Good parents would never give their children any old thing they requested especially if it was something dangerous.  Yahweh is no different.  He wants the best for His children.  Never give up praying even if it seems none of your prayers are answered the way you’d like.  Prayer keeps us connected to Yahweh.  It is perfectly healthy to pour our hearts out to Him.  He knows the deepest desires of our hearts.  Even when things are not going well for us in this life, we can still have a deep, satisfying relationship with Yahweh.  Indeed the people in the Bible were no different in their struggles and pain.  Count it all a joy when you fall into various trials and keep praising Yahweh while you are at it! 



Tough times are coming!


      Those who regularly watch the news can easily see that the world is not becoming a better place.  Earthquakes are turning cities into rubble.  People are losing jobs left and right.  The economy is not improving.  Many believers sense that something big is in the works.  While it is not the intention of this article to worry or frighten anyone, we must face reality.  We who read the Bible know that hard times are coming and are warned to watch and pray.  The first thing we should realize before going any further is this:  YAHWEH IS STILL IN CONTROL OF THE UNIVERSE.

      With that said, let’s proceed.  Yahweh promises to be with those who truly are His people.  However, this does not mean that His people should do nothing at all.  We all have a responsibility to do what we can to weather tough times.  At times, modern Americans (and everyone else!)  can be a spoiled, indulgent people (see article on page 3).  It is time to think about simplifying one’s life.  While we are not required to give up possessions, homes, land, or whatever, it is best to not be so attached to material things.  Make spiritual things your top priority. 
     The most important thing anyone can do is to make sure they are right with Yahweh.  People have been known to turn to Him when their lives fall apart, but the time to establish a relationship with Him is now.  Don’t wait until the Great Tribulation—by then it may be too late.  Are you praying and studying Scripture regularly?  Dust off those Bibles and start today.
     Learn to be less dependant on man and more dependant on Yahweh.  It is easy to seek human solutions to problems instead of seeking Yahweh’s solutions.  Economies fail, but Yahweh is stronger than worldly economies.  Earthquakes shake the world, but Yahweh created the world and controls everything that happens in it.  Stop looking to governments, politicians, world leaders, and presidents to solve the world’s woes.  Only Yahweh can do that. 
     Learn to be less dependant on modern conveniences.  People years ago were much better prepared to deal with adversity.  It is so easy nowadays to jump in our cars and drive to a local supermarket to shop.  What will happen when the store shelves are bare?  Of course Yahweh will provide for His people, but He expects them to not be lazy either.  Look at Joseph in Egypt.  He knew famine was coming and he took steps to prepare for it, thus allowing the nation to weather the hard times.  Consider spending time at your local library.  They have excellent books and resources to help people learn to do things that modern people have forgotten how to do, such as gardening, raising livestock, and baking homemade bread!  Not everyone has land to grow a garden or raise animals, but there are even books to help apartment-dwellers become more self-sufficient!  No excuses.  Seek Yahweh’s direction  now while times are still relatively calm. 
How Things Have Changed
      Life in the 50’s, for many Americans, was a time of unprecedented prosperity.  It’s amazing to see the things that people supposedly “need” today compared to what they needed in the 50’s.  In most homes nowadays, you’ll find such things as microwave ovens, disposable razors and diapers, big-screen televisions, cell phones, and expensive bottled water, and washing machines and dryers.  Gone are the days when clothes were hung on clotheslines and bread was made from scratch.

      Women were beautiful back then, even without all the expensive outfits, high-priced cosmetics, and high-maintenance spa and salon “treatments.”  In addition, they accepted the natural effects of aging instead of draining their savings on cosmetic surgeries. Because crime has increased tremendously in America, now people spend exorbitant amounts of money on fancy security systems for homes and vehicles.  Whatever happened to trust between neighbors, and having faith in Yahweh to protect all that He blessed you with?
     People in the 50’s had pets, but they did not spend money on groomers, vets, pet insurance, pet cemeteries, pet therapists, and $20.00 bags of pet food.  Pets ate tables scraps!  Moreover people wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars purchasing pets in the first place!
     Life was simpler then, even though we have more supposed “conveniences” today.  People watered their yards and gardens without spending hard-earned cash on sprinkler systems.  And yes, most grew their own vegetables and fruits, of course!  Now people buy prepackaged foods that are devoid of nutrients, but high in pesticides, sodium, and all kinds of nasty stuff.  Could this be one reason the health of American citizens are declining rapidly.  And speaking of health, look at today’s medical world.  Family doctors used to make house calls for $10.00.  Today, people spend thousands of dollars on medical insurance and prescriptions.  They also spend money on gyms, diet plans, and useless weight loss gadgets.  People used to stay fit by digging their own gardens and mowing their own lawns!
     Most families owned one car that lasted a very long time.  Bumpers were made of steel unlike today’s “plastic” designer bumpers.  People taught their children to drive instead of spending hundreds of dollars on driving classes.  Entertainment back then was often free.  Families went on picnics and camping trips, instead of spending their last dollar on high-priced theme parks.  Children were content with playing outside climbing trees instead of demanding the latest toy or video game.  It may benefit us to adopt some of the old ways.  Be satisfied with less modern gadgets and be thankful for the blessings you have.  Serve Yahweh with a pure heart and stop letting the world come between you and Him. 


How’s your Digestive health?
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      Most people don’t think about their digestive systems until its not working properly.  But there are steps you can take to keep yours functionally optimally.  Try to follow these principles:
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1.  Eat lots of fiber.  Start your day with high fiber cereal or have a bowl as an evening snack.  Many people complain that they don’t like the taste of “healthy” cereals because they are so used to processed, heavily-sweetened ones.  Make your high fiber cereal taste yummy by adding fruit to it such as peaches, or sliced bananas.   
2.  Have a cup of yogurt or kefir per day.  These fermented dairy items add friendly bacteria (probiotics)  to the digestive system and may reduce stomach-related problems.
3.  Add some onions to your diet.  Foods like onions and artichokes can boost the absorption of certain nutrients like calcium.  Use onions in soups, stews, stir-fries, and other dishes.  Onions also contain a substance called inulin which is associated with digestive health.
4.  Load up on beans.  Like high fiber cereal, beans should make a regular appearance in your diet.  Beans can be added to just about any dish!  Try them in salads, burritos, soups, casseroles, stews.  You can even mash them to make vegetarian “burgers.”  Instead of tuna or chicken salad, why not make a “bean” salad to use in sandwiches.  Use your favorite recipe substituting mashed beans for the tuna or chicken.
5.  Hydrate with water.  Ample fluid will keep your digestive tract healthy by helping to push waste out.  While other beverages count toward your daily fluid intake, water is best.  Be sure to drink more in the warmer months as fluids are lost through perspiration.  If plain water doesn’t thrill you, try a squeeze of lemon.  
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