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2016 Dominica FOT
Booklet Cover
Elder George Jno Baptiste
Elder Thomas
Deacon Russel Bertrand
Rejoicing and praising
Rejoicing and praising 2
Bible study
Bible study 2
Family Soiree activity
Boufet style lunch
Bro Andy Martin
Bro Craig Massicott
Bro Craig Massicott & Sis Jackie Massicott
Bro Fitzroy Ophar
Bro James Modest
Bro Joseph & Sis Ivenia Wayland
Bro Stephen Peter Winston
East End-West End Fellowship
Fellowship on the beach
Freshwater Lake
Our youth on the lake
Ladies Day
On stonewall of campsite
Overseas brethren
Prayer Breakfast fundraising
prayer on the behalf of the male adolescents
Sis Tamar Brrenda Francis
Sis. Ancella Andrew-Francis
Sis. Clemencia Thomas
Sis. Daphnie Jno Baptiste
Sis. Evelyn Thomas
Sports on the beach
Sports on the beach 2
Youth Night dance
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