Q.  Why are the Feasts necessary today when the Bible says they must be kept at Jerusalem, along with animal sacrifices at the temple?

A.  This is an argument given frequently by those who reject observing the Feasts that Yahweh commands for His people to keep “forever,” Leviticus 23:14, 21, 31, 41.
       Scripture never says they must be kept at Jerusalem. Not everyone who kept in the Old Testament kept them at Jerusalem.  Israel kept Passover and Unleavened Bread in Egypt (Ex. 12:11 and 9:26) and in the wilderness of Sinai after leaving Egypt, Numbers 9:5. They also kept these days on the plains of Jericho, Joshua 5:10.
       In the New Testament Paul kept the Feasts as well, including the Days of Unleavened Bread at Philippi, Acts 20:6, and Pentecost at Ephesus, 1Corinthians 16:8.
       Yahshua told the woman of Samaria that the time is coming when neither in this mountain nor at Jerusalem would you worship Yahweh, John 4:21. Yahweh commanded us to keep His days “at the place where He shall choose,” Deuteronomy 16:16. That does not limit the location only to Jersualem.
       The weekly Sabbath is a special Feast day also, being included with the Feasts in Leviticus 23.  Who would argue, then, that the weekly Sabbath must also be kept by all worshipers at Jerusalem?  Further, if the Feasts cannot be kept without animal sacrifices, then neither can the weekly Sabbath, as sacrifices were also required on the seventh-day Sabbath, Numbers 28:9-10.
       Today our sacrifices are spiritual, 1 Peter 2:5,9.  We still sacrifice, but now it is through praise, the calves of our lips, Hosea 14:2.

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