Q.  According to Scriptures, the Sabbath was part of the Israelite Law. Since Yahshua fulfilled the law why should we keep the Sabbath?

A.  Yes, Yahshua did fulfill the law as Matt. 5:17 and other Scriptures tell us. Some believe that the word fulfill means to bring to an end. If fulfill is to mean to bring to an end then Yahshua did not instruct his disciples very well. After Yahshua’s death and resurrection the Scriptures indicate that the Apostles kept the annual Sabbaths and taught very diligently that one must keep the commandments. By keeping Yahweh’s commandments we show our love of Yahshua. Yahshua kept Yahweh’s Law perfectly and He is our role model. We are to follow Him and walk in His footsteps. By placing our faith and trust in Yahweh, He will give us the free gift of the Holy Spirit to help us in our fight to obtain eternal life when Yahshua returns.

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