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  Sacred name
  Discovering Yahshua in the King James Bible  
  Hebrew/Aramaic Origin of the New Testament
  How the Savior's Name Was Changed      
  Is 'Elohim' a Pagan Title?      
  Is His Name Jehovah or Yahweh?       
  The Mistaken J: True Names of the Father and Son      
  Our Savior Spoke the Sacred Name      
  Sabbath Keepers: Why Not Keep ALL the Commandments?      
  Spelling the Sacred Name: V or W?      
  This Is the EliYah Message      
  Was the New Testament Originally Greek?      
  Why the Savior's Name is Missing in Your New Testament      
  Yahweh's Name at the End of the Age        
  Yahweh: Known by the Patriarchs        
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