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Many of the truths in the Bible have been glossed over or simply ignored. YAIY Beacon Magazine goes into the Scriptures in depth to reveal and explain what most never teach... Truths that have a direct bearing on personal salvation. Let the Beacon guide you through the Bible as restores, "the faith once delivered to the saints." Jude 1:3

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January - March 2015

Good Thoughts to Live By
"Meditation is defined as engaging in continued or extended thought. But, what does the Bible say we are to think about?"  <read more>
The Law Versus Legalism
"Without rules, written or otherwise, we would be not much better off than animals. The law is to be obeyed, but legalism is not.”  <read more>
Really, What is Valentine's Day?
"It seems that the origin of St. Valentine’s Day is shrouded in a little bit of mystery. What we do know is that this day contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition..."  <read more>
He Came to Fufill The Will of Yahweh
"For what real purpose did Yahshua come to this earth? Let us use Yahweh’s Word to answer that question..."  <read more>
What Does it Mean to be Spiritual?
"There are are a number of religious organizations who inform their members that they are the spiritual church of Israel in this day and age. But, do they honestly know what is meant by the Biblical term: “SPIRITUAL”?"  <read more>