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(July 2009)
     The spiritual activity last July 3, 2009 was well attended by students, faculty & staff and school administration. The school president was also present. I was moved by the inspiring feedbacks that I received after the activity. It's so heartening that a lowly person like me is used by Almighty Yahweh in great ways. They are looking forward for our next spiritual activity scheduled on December 4, 2009. My wife Sony, Deacon Jun Tadea, Bros. Leoper Neil Bayan, Mark Louie Dimaisip and Ian Bayan (our organist) were there to assist me. We distributed our mini-studies after the service.  Thank you for your prayers.
     May Almighty Yahweh continue to bless and keep you and family.
       Agape in Yahshua,  
       Elder Eddie Tadea  
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Name: Isaac
E-mail: clmung707@gmail.com
Date posted: August 22, 2009 - 05:09 am
Message: Dear Elder E Tadea
It's so encouraging and truly good news to me to read/see this outreach ministry performed in the Philipines, through a dedicated heart and hand like yours and others'. Praise be the name of Father Yahweh in heaven for the good starts. "Contending for the faith..." Jude 3

Love you all in Yahshua

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