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Shalom! May this find you and family in good health and doing well. I would like to share our outreach ministry in Caluan, Sindangan last April 12-13, 2013.

The first time I visited Caluan was November 14, 2008 and the dangerous and grueling journey to reach this place is still fresh in my mind which compelled me to make a promised to myself never to return again. But I proved myself wrong. With the pleading of the brethren coupled by the request from those who was shared the truth and eager to be baptized somehow changed my previous stance. Besides, I felt something within urging me to go to Caluan.

The first thing I inquired from Bro. Rizaldo Lalag, our evangelist from that place, is the condition of the road leading to Caluan. He assured me that the road is okay because it was recently graded by a bulldozer. I then invited Elder Efren Villamor and Deacon Jenito Omandam who resides near the area to accompany me. The route was indeed graded but a long portion of the narrow road is still dilapidated and very difficult to maneuver on board a motorbike loaded with four passengers due to the sharp rocks. There is a portion where we have to thread a very muddy and uphill road. We disembarked the motorbike and hike because the wheels of the motorbike just keep on spinning on the mud. The driver had to wrap the wheels with chains so it can pass through the mud. The portion of the journey that scared me most are the stiff cliffs we have to pass and a slight mistake of the motorbike driver will send us down the rugged mountain.
When we encounter trying situations, our best response is to pray and trust Abba Yahweh. This is what I did. I told myself, “He sent me to this journey; I believe He will see us through.” And I was not disappointed. After 45 minutes travel on a motorbike and another 30 minutes walk, we reach our destination. Even with the difficulties we encountered, we were inspired by the warmth welcome of the brethren. In spite of their poverty, they gave us the best they could offer. Four persons were baptized and 8 children were dedicated to Abba Yahweh. We are joyful to be used by Almighty Yahweh to reach these called out ones.

After this trip, I proceeded to Manila and Elder Villamor went to Dumaguete, Cebu and Bohol. Four believers were baptized in Dumaguete and two children dedicated.

May Yahweh continue to bless and keep you and family. Agape in Yahshua,
   — Elder Eddie Tadea
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