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Last August 23, together with Elder Efren Villamor, we travelled to Pagadian City - a 6-hour bus ride. The brethren whom I Bible studied in 2011 requested me to visit them and for baptism. I didn't expect to see these brethren again because I lost communication with them after few months I lectured to them our Fundamentals of Faith on October 2011. But Almighty Yahweh works in inexplicable ways so I can meet them again.

They refused to be baptized by the Yahvah group where they sometimes fellowship where the pastor is a relative of one of the brethren. I was amazed by their dedication to the truth that in spite of their inadequacy, they continued to examine the Scriptures like the noble Bereans.

We spent the Sabbath in the humble residence of Gelbert Cabungcal who, together with his wife Thelma, were very hospitable. In the afternoon, seven (7) were baptized: Gelbert Cabungcal, Thelma Cabungcal, Jeffrey Aguirre, Antonieto Lucernas, Ferdinand Quijano, Roderick Emmanuel Tan, and Ireneo Medequillo. The son of Gelbert - Mark Gemaxe Cabungcal was dedicated. We also conducted Bible sharing with the pastor of the Yahvah group. I shared to him our very enlightening mini-study "Spelling the Sacred Name: V or W?"

I can feel the joy and excitement of these new brethren. Notwithstanding their financial difficulty, they are making plans, exhausting all possibilities so they can attend the coming FOT in Digos City. And I hope to see them this coming Feast.

We now have YAIY in Pagadian City. We appointed Gelbert Cabungcal as the leader with the affirmation of the brethren there.

What a blessing in Yahweh's ministry!

     In the service of Yahshua,
        — Elder Eddie Tadea
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