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Keep the Flame Ablaze!
(Note: Except where otherwise stated, Bible references are taken from the New King James Version – NKJV with the Holy Names inserted.)
At the dedication of the temple,
    When Solomon had finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of Yahweh filled the temple. And the priests could not enter the house of Yahweh, because the glory of Yahweh had filled Yahweh’s house, 2 Chron 7:1, 2.
    What awe-inspiring power had come down from heaven! Yet, in spite of this, the flame was eventually extinguished. Before Solomon’s death,
    Yahweh became angry with Solomon, because his heart had turned from Yahweh Elohim of Israel, who had appeared to him twice, and had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should not go after [idols]; but he did not keep what Yahweh had commanded. Therefore Yahweh said to Solomon, “Because you have done this, and have not kept Mycovenant and My statutes, which I have commanded you, I will surely tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servant,” 1 Kings 11:9-11.
    This happened after Solomon’s death. The united kingdom of Israel was divided into Israel (the northern kingdom) with Jeroboam (Solomon’s servant) as their king, and Judah (the southern kingdom) whose king was Rehoboam. Both kings led their people astray from Yahweh. The glory of Yahweh had departed from the kingdom and His house.
    The warmth of Solomon’s sincere prayer and his lavish offerings of sacrifices at the consecration of the temple were not followed up with a similar exuberance to constantly obey Yahweh.
    In order to start and maintain a fire, two basic components are required to work simultaneously, namely fuel and a spark. A popular song overlooks one of these important ingredients when it says, “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.” Making a spark is the easy bit. Keeping a fire going continually, demands at the least a steady supply of fuel.
    Lasting success is not the result of brief spasmodic moments of brilliance. It is not like the shortlived glitter of a firecracker that lights up the dark night sky, but quickly expires as soon as its minimal energy is dissipated.
    For a motor to keep running, for a body to keep functioning, for love to keep thriving, for a plant to keep growing, for an organization to keep operating and for your righteous flame to keep burning, the appropriate fuel must be constantly supplied. Victory can only be determined when the intended task is satisfactorily completed. A dazzling beginning counts for nothing unless it is followed right through to the ultimate conclusion.
    The pilgrim journey continues to life’s end. The challenge to all believers is, “how can you keep the heavenly flames ablaze so that your life will be constantly transformed and you will be able to impact the lives of others in a way that is pleasing to Yahweh, for as long as you live?”
A Lesson from Burnt Offering
According to the law of the burnt offering, Aaron was commanded that
    The fire on the altar shall be kept burning on it; it shall not be put out. And the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order on it; and he shall burn on it the fat of the peace offerings. A fire shall always be burning on the altar; it shall never go out, Lev 6:12-13.
    In these two verses, the instruction is repeated four times that the fire must be kept burning.
    In Leviticus 9:24 we learn that the consuming fire came down from heaven. It was Yahweh who sent the fire, but Aaron’s duty was to keep that fire ablaze. The instruction in chapter 6 was therefore for the flame of Yahweh to be kept ablaze by the work of man. Wood had to be brought daily, an offering had to be laid on the wood, and the altar had to be cleared of its residue:
    The priest shall … take up the ashes of the burnt offering which the fire has consumed on the altar, and he shall put them beside the altar. Then he shall take off his garments, put on other garments, and carry the ashes outside the camp to a clean place, Lev 6:10-11.
    For the purposes of this article, we shall attach the following Biblically based meanings to each constituent of the burnt offering, so as to extract some vital lessons from the burnt offering principle that can be applied to believers today:

    a) The sacrifice – obedient believers  
    b) The wood – the word of Yahweh, the Bible  
    c) The heavenly flame – the Holy Spirit  
    d) The ashes – useless dross extracted from the sacrifice  
> The Sacrifice
Paul entreated those in Rome who had been “called to be saints” to:
    Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to Yahweh, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of Yahweh, Rom 12:1, 2.
    He admonished the Colossian assembly to:
    Put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry, Col 3:5.
    Carnal desires and inclinations, weaknesses, disobedience to Yahweh, doubts and fears, and the love of the world are some of the many barriers which will prevent the transformation that Yahweh wants to make in your life. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of Yahweh; neither can fleshly tendencies gain entry into eternal life.
    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of Yahweh? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of Yahweh, 1 Cor 6:9, 10.
    Everything that takes precedence over Yahweh, or diminishes His authority in your life, or dims the light that is in you, must be daily yielded to Him. Thus surrendered, you are no longer a slave to sin but to righteousness. If you had been baptized following repentance, and had hands laid upon you for you to receive the Holy Spirit, then you are now the bearer of a light that has been lit within you. It is now your duty as it was Aaron’s to keep that flame ablaze. Live on the altar of sacrifice.
    Do not “Yield … your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto Yahweh, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto Yahweh. For sin shall not have dominion over you,” Rom 6:13, 14, KJV.
    You do not have to succumb to sin and to natural weaknesses. These things must be put to death daily.
    Make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts, Rom 13:14.
    You must be able to walk confidently as you obey and trust Yahweh, and not to be constantly dragged and held down like a slave by your old natures.
    Just as the Messiah was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life, Romans 6:4.
    The transforming work of Yahweh in your life is not a “quick-fix.” If the flame is to burn continually in you, you must never be removed from the sacrificial altar. This is not a once-for-all self-denial. Death to carnal selfish natures must become a regular routine in anyone who is hoping for eternal life. In the burnt offering there was no fire without sacrifice. The fire of Yahweh‘s Holy Spirit will not be ablaze in you except you are, and remain constantly, upon His sacrificial altar. Your susceptibility to yield to, or to give preference to the hindrances of this world, must be eradicated.
    Anything including interests, passions, ambitions, possessions, weaknesses and strengths that have priority in your heart and mind instead of Yahweh, is a hindrance and must be yielded to Him so that only He will have pre-eminence.
    Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness? (Rom 6:16)
    David said “The sacrifices of Elohim are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart-- These, O Elohim, You will not despise,” Ps 51:17.
    The best sacrifice you can make to Yahweh is of your penitent heart that seeks only to do His will. Like Yahshua, your earnest prayer should be, “Father…not My will, but Yours, be done,” Luke 22:42.
> The Wood – the Word of Yahweh
In the burnt offering, the sacrifice was laid upon the wood, which provided the fuel that kept the sacrifice ablaze. Without the wood, there would be no fire. The word of Yahweh, which is the Bible, is the indispensable fuel that keeps Yahweh’s flame ablaze in you. Without the word, your sacrifice lacks fuel, and there will be no fire. That is as far as the analogy of the “word” being the “wood” goes. The wood in the burnt offering was burnt up, “but the word of Yahweh endures forever,” 1 Peter 1:25. The word assists in the burning but is not burned.
    How then can the word become the fuel that destroys the things in you, which you need to sacrifice? Like the sacrifice in the Old Testament resting completely upon the wood, so you must rest totally upon the word.
    The following example will illustrate the method which you can expand indefinitely to meet the various challenges you will encounter daily: If you are prone to be angry and bitter, tie your thoughts and actions to the instruction,
    Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice, Eph 4:31.
    Like a lifeless immovable sacrificial carcass, lying on wood, that is where you remain, until the fire from heaven burns up the rottenness you would have liked to express. In order to achieve this you may have to physically remove yourself from the annoying situation, so that you can remain focused upon the relevant word of Yahweh, before/if you respond. This problem will not be totally resolved by the first application of this method. “Old habits die hard.” Your inbred nature will not yield easily to change without putting up a good fight. It demands the constant willingness to give up that which was dear to you, and the impulsive attitude, which was second nature and to yield yourself totally in obedience to the word. Progress will be made in this and other areas when patterning your response by the word of Yahweh, becomes a habit. It will not be easy. It is like having a part of your body removed without anaesthetic. But when you remain upon Yahweh’s operating table, there will be a successful surgery. The flame of His Holy Spirit will burn away the cancerous sore that you had cherished; another part of you will have been transformed, and the light of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit would shine more radiantly than it had ever shone before.
    The path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day, Prov. 4:18.
> The Heavenly Flame
In the burnt offering, the flame that lit the wood and burned the sacrifice came for heaven. It was Yahweh’s expression of His approval or acceptance of the sacrifice. Observe that this was Yahweh’s vital contribution to the success of the burnt offering. Without it all the humanefforts in laying the wood, killing the animal, and placing it upon the wood would have been futile.
    For us today, the heavenly flame is the gift of the Holy Spirit that was vividly outpoured upon the disciples on that historic day of Pentecost in fulfilment of Joel’s prophecy. (See under section subtitled “The Flame at Pentecost”). It is the enabling power of Yahweh that assists in transforming our lives and making us His effective disciples.
    This is not the work of man but of Yahweh. It cannot be manipulated, duplicated or engineered. Many have tried to mimic or bring on that power, but as was the case with Baal’s prophets at Mount Carmel, though they may try to work it up or even lacerate themselves, it does not cause the heavenly flame to descend. The manifestation of Yahweh in you is
    Not by [your] might nor by power, but by My Spirit, Says Yahweh of hosts, Zech 4:6.
    He will send the flame. All He asks of you is to keep the fire burning. Make sure there is always a sacrifice that is resting upon the fuel of His word.
    When in obedience to Yahweh, you submit all that you are and desire to be, upon Yahweh’s altar of sacrifice, He will do His breathtaking work in your life and will consume the dross so that His pure fire will burn more brightly in you, giving light and heat to others. No counterfeit has this transforming power.
    Many, who pray for the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend upon them, do not appreciate that the fire comes only when a sacrifice is made.
    Songwriter Elisha A. Hoffman, in 1905, wrote:
      “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?
  Your heart does the Spirit control?
  You can only be blest,
  And have peace and sweet rest,
  As you yield Him your body and soul.”
> The Ashes
Yahweh said of the degenerate city of Jerusalem,
    I will turn My hand against you, and thoroughly purge away your dross, and take away all your alloy… afterward you shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city, Isa 1:25, 26.
    The worthless elements in Jerusalem had to be removed in order for that city to become righteous. The ashen natures and theology of degenerate persons purporting to be believers need to be eradicated so that the truths and divine nature of Yahweh will shine forth. Paul said,
    I … count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Yahshua the Messiah my Saviour, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain the Messiah, Phil 3:8.
    Your old natures and beliefs will not die while you nourish them. Like Paul, you must come to the point where you see them as futile and despicable rubbish that is fit only for burning, when compared to the distinct superiority of knowing Yahshua intimately.
    Wrong attitudes and thoughts will be gradually extracted (burnt off), when you genuinely abandon yourself to the will of Yahweh. It will then be your duty to ensure that you no longer nurture the dross, and that you take all necessary steps to keep it away from you, “for sin shall not have dominion over you,” Rom 6:14a. Each purging brings you closer to becoming “transformed by the renewing of your mind,” Rom 12:2.
The Flame at Pentecost
The light that had been lit in the disciples during the ministry of Yahshua flickered after Yahshua’s death. We find them huddled together behind closed doors for fear of the Jews (John 20:19). This was not the way to continue the immense work that Yahshua had begun; so Yahshua, in resurrection power, suddenly appeared in their midst to reassure and strengthen them.
    Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Yahshua came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.”… Yahshua said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit,” John 20:19, 21, 22.
    It seems that Yahshua had only given them a small dosage of the energizing power they would need after He left them, for in His last words to them,
    He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, “which,” He said, “you have heard from Me; for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth,” Acts 1:4-8.
    Throughout Yahshua’s lifetime He instructed His disciples to demonstrate their love of Him by obeying Him. In obedience to Yahshua they remained in Jerusalem. Then, in accordance with the commandment of Yahweh (Lev 23:15-16), the disciples assembled on the Holy day known as the Feast of Weeks which is also called Pentecost. As a result of their obedience, while in the upper room celebrating this Feast, the promised power came from heaven in an unmistakable form.
   When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. And there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men, from every nation under heaven. And when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language. Then they were all amazed and marveled, saying to one another, “Look, are not all these who speak Galileans? And how is it that we hear, each in our own language in which we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites, those
dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya adjoining Cyrene, visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs-- we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of Elohim.” So they were all amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, “Whatever could this mean?” Others mocking said, “They are full of new wine,” Acts 2:1-13.
    Under the power of this Spirit, Peter delivered a sermon explaining what was happening. He said,
    This is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, says Yahweh, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams ...” Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Men and brethren, what shall we do?” Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Yahshua the Messiah for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as Yahweh our Elohim will call,” Acts 2:16, 17,37-39.
    Observe the stages Peter had indicated for potential believers of all ages including our present era: repentance, baptism then receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit. This promise is yours. The potential for you is enormous.
    Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them…Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles, Acts 2:41,43.
    On that special day of Pentecost, the sweeping energizing power of Yahweh’s Spirit had come down from heaven in visible form. Tongues, ears, hearts and lives were changed. This was the big turning point in the ministry of these disciples. In one day the flame that had descended upon the disciples spread to three thousand. They were no longer the timid followers who had gathered together behind closed doors for fear of the Jews. They were transformed into an unstoppable, fearless and enthusiastic force. From then onwards we find them performing many miracles. A flame had been lit that would never be extinguished. They kept this “fire” burning by their unswerving dedication to please Yahweh. Prison bars could not restrict them. Chains could not hold them. Floggings could not hinder them. Threats could not silence them. Possible death could not stop them. They kept on doing what they had been activated to do. In defiance of official intimidation they said:
    We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard, Acts 4:20.
    When the authorities commanded them to desist from preaching in Yahshua’s name,
    Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey Yahweh rather than men,” Acts 5:29.
    Invigorated and relentless, they were equipped with a dynamic conviction and a message that they would declare regardless of any opposition.
    Before you earnestly desire the demonstration of a power exhibited by the disciples, remember that it really began with sacrifice. At the bidding of Yahshua they had left all to follow Him and did what He said. You cannot buy the Holy Spirit. It is a gift, but it is not cheap. Its conditions are very costly.
What is Your Flame?
Most persons have something that keeps them going, that causes them to look forward to another day and achieve a bit more in the direction they want to go. They are fuelled and driven by a determination to reach their goals. Professionals carry out research and much practice in their chosen fields; students study; and contestants train in order to sharpen their skill and gain the winning edge. In doing so they willingly sacrifice other interests or attractions and discipline themselves so as to attain the level of performance that they seek in this transitory life. Most of these attainments will eventually perish or cannot pass death’s separating barrier. In this life, there is a better, more meaningful and powerful purpose that will pay greater dividends now and far exceed throughout eternity anything anyone could imagine or hope for.
    As it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which Elohim has prepared for those who love Him,” 1 Cor 2:9.
    Mere mortals have the amazing privilege to be the resplendent image of the One who by His word created light. This eclipses by far any other motivation however brilliant it may be.
    Yahweh who [at creation] commanded light to shine out of darkness … has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of Yahweh in the face of Yahshua the Messiah, 2 Cor 4:6.
    Yahshua, through His sacrifice, restored to us the link with Yahweh that had been broken in the Garden of Eden.
    The knowledge of who Yahshua is, what He taught and did, and the hope through Him of eternal life should stimulate believers to throw themselves unreservedly into His cause.
    A true believer is an obedient follower of Yahweh and Yahshua, and the bearer of the flame that was lit in the upper room on that historic day of Pentecost.
    The privilege to be in unison with Yahweh and to walk in all His ways through the power of His Holy Spirit to our journey’s end is awesome. Nothing can take its place. No ambition in this life can be compared with the benefits of pleasing Him and of spending eternity with Him. No earthly possessions, or attractions, can equal this. No flame can be compared with the burning fire of His Holy Spirit destroying the dross within us and empowering us to rise to our Yah-given potential in this life and to achieve in eternity the limitless capabilities as immortal beings. This is your flame that is only lit and kept burning “as you yield Him your body and soul.” It must be never smothered but must “so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven,” Matt 5:16.
Be Vigilant
Paul said to the Galatians: “You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?” (Gal 5:7). It seems that these Galatians originally had the preliminary spark, but then did not follow it through with obedience to what they had originally heard.
    To the assembly at Ephesus, Yahshua said, “I have this against you, that you have left your first love,” Rev 2:4. This assembly
had some commendable characteristics but because they allowed their original love to wane, the light they had would be extinguished except they returned to what they had abandoned doing.
    The five foolish virgins had been waiting with lit lamps but because they did not replenish the oil in their lamps they had no lights with which to greet the bridegroom and were barred from his presence (Matt 25:1-13).
    In each of these cases the fires that had been lit had been allowed by neglect to cease, and brought adverse consequences. They provide further evidence that your flame once lit will not keep on blazing indefinitely without your input.
    Almost anyone can begin a race. Only winners finish. This is why Paul wrote:
    Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead I press toward the goal for the prize, Philip 3: 13,14 .
    To the Corinthians he wrote,
    I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified, 1 Cor 9:27.
    Your flame must be kept blazing to the end, for only “he who endures to the end will be saved, Matt 10:22.
Beware of Fire Extinguishers
There are many doctrines, attitudes, beliefs, regulations and circumstances that threaten to extinguish your flame: The increasing enforcement of laws and rules that prohibit the open declaration of belief in Yahweh in places of learning or work; the watering down of Yahshua’s message by mixing it in the same vessel with ingredients of other religions or false doctrines; the attractions of this world; and the general malaise in our society for heavenly values are just some of the devices of Satan in his resolve to put out your light. He uses agents that appear to be angels of light doing good or saying some good things but are wolves in sheep’s clothing whose mission is to kill and destroy. Watch out for them!
    Beware of those who say you do not need to keep Yahweh’s laws, and brand those who seek to obey Yahweh as Pharisees. Their desire is that you, like them, should walk in darkness and disobedience. Do not be deterred by their duplicity. Keep shining your lights. Better to displease them than to be found when Yahshua returns not carrying your lit lamps.
    Be on guard for those who are always eager to make allowances for human frailties or difficulties as the excuse for not maintaining the high standards of Yahweh.
    Be wary of those who lack passion and regard the enthusiasm of others as extremism.
    Be cautious of any who always has a reason to fear instead of to stand firmly with trust and confidence in Yahweh.
    Be careful that problems, discouragement, opposition, success or failure do not steal your zeal.
    These are just a small sample of the many Fire Extinguishers that will surely come your way. Do not give in to them, but instead “fan [even more] into flame the gift of Yahweh, which is in you,” 2 Tim 1:6 NIV.
    One children’s chorus says:
        “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine” …
“Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m going to let it shine” …
“Don’t let Satan blow it out, I’m going to let it shine” …
“Let it shine till Yahshua comes, I’m going to let it shine”
Fuelling the Fire in You
• Do not allow the flame within you to die. Keep stoking the fire with the word of Yahweh and allow Him to ignite your heart by His Spirit.
• Stay connected to Yahweh. You cannot have the benefits of electricity if you are disconnected from the main source. You cannot have the firepower of Yahweh while you are cut off from Him. Yahweh first gave and is willing to continue giving through eternity. Now He expects you to keep on yielding more and more of yourself, so that He will shower you with the power that only He can give. “Draw near to Yahweh and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded… Humble yourselves in the sight of Yahweh, and He will lift you up,” James 4:8,10.
• Remove the dead wood of false beliefs that cannot be set ablaze and replace them with Yahweh’s truths.
• Weigh all of your thoughts, words and actions on the scale of eternal values, and be willing to surrender as many things as possible that do not have an everlasting significance. “Seek first the kingdom of Yahweh and His righteousness,” Matt 6:33.
• Use every method you know to create a conducive environment for the flame to blaze, “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to Yahweh,” Eph 5:19.
• Have the air charged with the word of Yahweh, through recorded spiritual songs or readings of the Scriptures. “Let the word of the Messiah dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to Yahweh,” Col 3:16.
• Set aside quality time each day to meditate on the word. Make notes and expand them. Daily practice what you have learned.
• Understand that all these efforts are futile except you genuinely desire to submit to Yahweh and to allow the power of His Spirit to transform your life.
    Yahshua said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments,” John 14:15. Your love of Yahweh and Yahshua must impel you to obey them, and to do all the things that please them. Your daily prayer should be, “What else can I surrender to you – my wrong habits, attitudes, words, actions, bitterness, malice, anger, hatred, envy, passions, pride“…the list is endless!
    In addition to the things in you that need to be changed, you must be also willing to present to Yahweh your talents, skills, time, money – everything you own, in service to Him. You will never stop surrendering until there is nothing else to give. For as long as you live and desire to do always those things that please Him, there will be something else to give up. But think less of what you are surrendering and more about the great privilege of living in the light of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit while you journey to meet Him.
Fuelling the Fire in Others
When the sacrificial fire is ablaze within you, it will not be too difficult for you to ignite others. Heat or energy transfer moves from a hotter or energized object with lively or excited atoms and molecules to a cooler object with less lively atoms and molecules. Enthusiasm is infectious. A blazing fire of welltargeted passion is capable of igniting the dying, cold, half-hearted, lack-lustre, apathetic beliefs, feelings and actions of others. But if the source of the inspirational or motivational fire were put out, it would become useless. You cannot give what you do not have. You can only fuel the fire in others after you have been set ablaze.
    Yahshua said, "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden … Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven,” Matt 5:14,16.
    The flame that is lit within you is not for your benefit only. It is for you to pass it on so that others without a light will see, and that those with a light will be encouraged to shine more brightly.
    Hebrews advised us to “consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching, Heb 10:24-25.
    Paul counselled the Colossians,
    Let the word of the Messiah dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to Yahweh, Col 3:16.
    When Jeremiah decided to stop declaring Yahweh’s word or speaking in His name, he found that he was unable to suppress it. He explained:
    I said, “I will not make mention of Him, nor speak anymore in His name.” But His word was in my heart like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, And I could not, Jer 20:9.
    Even so, when you are filled with Yahweh’s word and Spirit, “out of [your] heart will flow rivers of living water,” John 7:38, which you will not want to repress. You will be energized to give freely that which you had freely received (Matt 10:8).
What the World Needs
In the 1930’s Billie Holiday thought he had encapsulated the world’s basic need in the song he recorded entitled “What the world needs now is love.”
    Over a hundred artists have since had the same thought and have recorded and performed this well intentioned song over and over again as they also sought to ignite a global flame of love. Yes, the world at every stage has needed love. But before they can understand the true meaning of love, they need a new heart and mind, and to walk in a new direction. New wine of heavenly love cannot be contained in their fleshly flagons.
    Having a new outer covering would not change the behaviour of a pig. The pig will always be a pig. Cosmetic enhancement does not change the inbred nature. The world does not need windowdressing to make it look or feel good. It needs a complete makeover. It needs to be set ablaze with the Spirit of Yahweh. But this cannot happen while they continue to ignore or reject the truths of Yahweh’s words. Biblical truths have been watered down to accommodate the most outrageous and sacrilegious beliefs. Apathetic, misdirected and unenthused people who claim to be followers of Yahshua are leading the blind world to eternal doom.
    O that half-hearted Christendom who has lost their purpose and sense of direction would be ignited with a heavenly flame of Yahweh’s Spirit and Truth, which would energize them with such a zeal, courage and passion that instead of being a dim light obscured and encased by their tradition and deluded theology, they would in apostolic vision be the light upon the hill for the world to see.
    The worldwide revival for which many persons pray can only take place when individual hearts that are fully surrendered and obedient to Yahweh’s will, are set afire by His Spirit and begin to carry the torch of His truths everywhere.
The divine fire once lit is intended to keep on burning. Let us not conceal our flame, but let it burn brighter and wider till it encompasses all people of every language, culture, race and nation, igniting the dead cold coals of organized religions and giving light to a deluded world. Like an Olympic torch, let this flame that was lit on that memorable day of Pentecost and is reignited in you, spread everywhere you go that other hearts and lives will be set ablaze to continue an unending chain of fearless torch bearers, until Yahshua returns.
    We cannot wait until organized religions awaken to their missed opportunity. The time to act is now. The people to do it are those who have the light of truth. Darkness has never dispelled darkness. You need the dynamic power of Yahweh’s Truth and Spirit within you, before you can shine a light. Many optimistic persons, including followers of a nameless Elohim, purport to honour Yahweh outwardly while their disobedient hearts are far from Him. They have lamps without oil, words without power and froth without substance.
    As Yahweh spoke to the darkness that filled the earth on that first day of creation, He would say today to all who have ears to hear, “Let there be light!” A torch without light is useless. A profession without truth and passion is futile. A spark without a supply of fuel to keep it burning is ineffective. Without a spark, fuel is useless. Those who profess to be followers of Yahshua need to act upon the truths of His and Yahweh’s words so that they will shine like beacons, dispelling darkness and ignorance. There is an important role for you to play. The world needs your light, but first you must be set ablaze. The place to begin is on the altar. With Aaronic dedication, do your part. Make sure that you present yourself each day as sacrifice upon Yahweh’s altar. Stoke up the fire daily with the word of Yahweh. Keep the flame ablaze and pass it on!
-Elder Buel Hallpike

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