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Love of the Brethren


   Through His mercy, Yahweh is calling out His specially chosen people at this time to be part of His End Time Work, because they qualify through faith and obedience.Through Yahweh’s Promise, His chosen will be there to rule with Yahshua in the Millennium.
   Now we are clearly told in Scripture that the Almighty Father does that calling and that we have no part as to whom He calls. We are also shown they will be from all walks of life, each with his, or her, own personal beliefs and characteristics. Through Yahweh’s indwelling Spirit, we are able to understand and learn to live by His Will.
   We are also reminded that we have been called through the Ultimate Price our Saviour paid by His very LIFE, so we dare not take His calling lightly.
   Yahweh is building up His Assembly as a set apart family to be a future living temple, not made with hands but a sacred set apart body, ruling, teaching, healing, building an ever expanding, never ending Kingdom under Almighty Yahweh, and His Son Yahshua Messiah.
   With all this, we have been given a warning never to give the adversary the opportunity to do any destructive damage to Yahweh’s Assembly by permitting any sign of sin, or disobedience to Yahweh’s Law.

Warning to be Given
   Now, we are to clearly warn a brother who could be walking in the way of sin, by using the mercy Yahweh gave us in the beginning, at the time of His calling us out of this spiritual blindness, which is in this world. It is only if the sin is being wilfully committed with an attempt to cause dissention within the Assembly is there a time when under two or three witnesses, that person is to be warned, and taken note of. Until there is a clear sign of a true repentant attitude can there be no restitution, for we are to forgive when asked for forgiveness, and there are to be clear signs of repentance. But, it must be very clear that the Marking of any baptized member has to be performed by the authority of no less than two or three witnesses.
   Yes, contentions will arise amongst us, with different views in the understaning of secular history, and of the Sacred Scriptures. The majority of these contentions have nothing to do with anyone’s Eternal Salvation, so rather let the two parties agree to disagree, and let that matter be laid aside, insuring that the Love which should always be within all those called in Yahshua grows within His Grace (Free Pardon) and knowledge of Yahweh’s Word.
   As Scripture advises us, when an offence arises between brethren, we are to approach one another in the Love of Yahweh, and be willing to work together with forgiveness towards one another, realizing that either of us could be in the wrong, and that your brother in Messiah is only out to help in a service of Love towards his brother in Messiah. There is a saying that “We cannot choose our relations.” Well, it also goes to say: We cannot chose our Brethren who are ordained by our Almighty Father through His widom, for He is the Builder of the Assembly, and above all things.
   As Scripture has warned, we dare not turn down those whom HE HAS CHOSEN. Without having that forgiveness towards a brother could cost us that Eternal life which has been promised to us through His terms and conditions.

In Yahshua’s Love,
-Elder Lionel Gets

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