- Literature Translations

YAIY literature is available in the languages below. We are always interested in finding sincere believers who would like to help in our literature translation process. Contact us for more information. Our literature is made possible through the tithes and offerings of those who desire to see the beacon of truth shine in our day. Donations are gratefully appreciated to further our ministry.

TRANSLATORS NEEDED! We are looking for translators to translate our literature from English into other langusages. Please contact us for more information.

Caution: Many on-line translation programs do not correctly translate sentence structures. Therefore they may alter the meaning and context of the material being translated. The below translations have been verified correct by language experts.


Over 90 In-depth and Mini-Studies are available in English. See all titles.

Español (Spanish)

Many YAIY In-depth and Mini-Studies are available in Spanish. See all titles.