- Digos City, Philippines - February 2016

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Last February 13, 2016, I was in Digos City for the Sabbath service. Elder Efren Villamor and his wife Editha will be leaving for California, USA on February 18, 2016 and will be staying there for quite some time. They were petitioned by their son living in California.
During the Sabbath service, with prior approval of the board, we ordained Deacon Abundio Remolleno as elder and will replace Elder Villamor. It was a touching Sabbath service as Elder Villamor and Sister Editha bid farewell to the brethren in Digos. Before the departure of Elder Villamor, I put things in order to complement his absence. 
(Photos above: Elder Eddie Tadea, Ordination of Elder Abundio Remolleno, Newly Ordained Elder Abundio Remolleno)
Please continue to pray for the ministry here in the Philippines as we constantly do for you and the brethren in other parts of the world.

With love in the service of Yahshua,

Elder Eddie Tadea