- Pagadian City, Philippines - September 2016

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I would like to share the good news of our Outreach Ministry in Pagadian City, this time at Tickwas, Dumalinao where 12 new believers were baptized and 6 children dedicated last September 24, 2016. I was accompanied by Bro. Per Bayan in this ministerial trip. In the morning, we had our worship service followed by the baptism counselling. We were supposed to have the baptism at 2pm but as we're about to leave it rained hard. We tried to wait for the rain to subside but to no avail. So despite of the strong rain and the strong current of the river, we had the baptism because we still have to travel 7 hrs back to Zamboanga City. Baptised were: Guillermo Benida, Patricio Batingal, Celso Senarillos Jr., Dibert Babor, Bernie Cabungcal, Lisz Remedios Bovida, Elsa Pepito, Rizadelma Benida, Daniela Batingal, Margarita Lumontad, Richel Senarillos, and Jocelyn Babor. Praise Abba Yahweh for this new converts!

With love in Yahshua's service,
Elder Eddie Tadea