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Questions about Yahweh's Assembly in Yahshua

Q1. What are the roots of your organization?  When did you start?   >Answer<

Q2. How big is your group and do you hold meetings in other places besides Kingdom City?   >Answer<

Q3. Is it necessary to belong to your group?  What’s wrong with just worshiping Yahweh on my own?   >Answer<

Q4. Why are there a number of Sacred Name groups? Why can’t you all get together and join forces?    >Answer<

Q5. Why do some in other groups wear prayer shawls and have tassles hanging from their clothing?   >Answer<

Q6. Should we use the term "Christian" to describe ourselves as True Believers?    >Answer<

Q7. Do the rules to consecrate a priest in Exodus 28:4-5 extend to the New Covenant Assembly?    >Answer<