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Questions About Baptism & Spiritual Life

Q1. I am interested in baptism. Is there anyone nearby where I might discuss baptism?  What can I do to be a help to Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua?   >Answer<

Q2. In this part of the country there are some who are not ordained ministers who will baptize into the Name of Yahweh and Yahshua. I feel uncomfortable about this and want your opinion.   >Answer<

Q3. You use Acts 4:12 a lot in discussing proper baptism. But what of Matthew 28:19? Does it not speak of baptism into the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?    >Answer<

Q4. Can a baptized person with the Holy Spirit be forgiven if he/she was out of control accidentally?   >Answer<

Q5. I noticed some raise their hands overhead when praying. Others fold their hands in front of them. Is any of this Scriptural?    >Answer<

Q6. Was receiving the Holy Spirit without baptism just for the initial period when the Holy Spirit was first given, or is it for now also?    >Answer<

Q7. While being counseled for baptism you commented that my baptism in the name of J-sus was a type of John’s baptism, but the Scriptural baptism for salvation was in the name of Yahshua. This I believe after reading the book of Acts. But what do you mean by “John’s baptism?"    >Answer<

Q8. What is "Sin?"     >Answer<

Q9. How do we handle conversations with others who believe differently than us and claim "G-d" speaks to their heart?     >Answer<