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Questions about the Sacred Names

Q1. Why don’t more people teach and use the names of Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua?   >Answer<

Q2. Why do you place so much emphasis on the Sacred Name?   >Answer<

Q3. I have been told that El and Elohim are pagan words that were taken from heathen worship. Is this true?   >Answer<

Q4. I have just received your Spanish Holy Name New Testaments. Why are Yahweh and Yahshua translated with the Y, but JUAN, JACOVO, JUDAS, and JERUSALEM are all translated with the J form?    >Answer<

Q5. If names don’t change from language to language, what about Absolom in 2Chronicles 11:21 being the same as Abishalom in 1Kings 15:2?  And what of Ishtar, the Assyo-Babylonian goddess known to the Hebrews as Astoreth, and to the Canaanites as Astarte in English, Easter. Do you still insist names stay the same from one language to another? The important thing is what the person’s name represents.   >Answer<

Q6. If Yahshua referred to Yahweh as “Father,” why do we need to call Him by His Name Yahweh?   >Answer<

Q7. With regard to the belief that “Yahweh” is more acceptable than “Jehovah,” your web site states that names do not change from one language to the next. This is not true. The names John, Sean, Ian, and Juan are all the same name but in different languages...I’m quite sure that [Yahweh] does not expect us to pronounce the sounds of his name that we are incapable of pronouncing. Right?   >Answer<

Q8. Which is the correct spelling of the Name, Yahweh or Yahveh?   >Answer<

Q9. There are different ways of spelling the Savior’s Name in Scripture. Why not use “Yeshua” since it is clearly used by those in the Middle East today or even go back to pronouncing it originally as “Yahoshua”?   >Answer<

Q10. Messiah or Messiyah?   >Answer<

Q11. Is the Father's Name Yehovah?   >Answer<

Q12. Doesn't the Bible confirm 'I AM' is His name in Exodus 3:14?   >Answer<