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Questions about Prophecy

Q1. Please explain Daniel 9:27. Will there be a seven-year tribulation period and will Yahshua or the Anti-messiah cause the sacrifice to cease?   >Answer<

Q2. What does Revelation 20:10 mean when it says that Satan will be tormented forever in the lake of fire?  Is there an ever-burning hell?    >Answer<

Q3. Revelation 20:6 says Yahshua will be ruling for 1,000 years. Does the Bible give time limits for how long man will rule himself before Yahshua begins to rule?    >Answer<

Q4. At the second resurrection will there be found people worthy to enter the kingdom, after tasting l,000 peaceful rule of Yahshua, or will some who change be received into the Kingdom during the l,000 rule?     >Answer<