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Questions about Miscellaneous Topics

Q1. How do you know what is "truth?"   >Answer<

Q2. Is gambling scripturally wrong?    >Answer<

Q3. Is it right to cremate dead bodies instead of burying them?     >Answer<

Q4. Should a man shave his beard?    >Answer<

Q5. If there is a Mighty One, why does He allow such terrible suffering in our world?    >Answer<

Q6. My class was discussing Judas and his betrayal. All said he was condemned to damnation. It appeared to me that he was repentant of his sin and believed upon the Savior. I always thought that the Scriptures taught that only one was already condemned and that he was the son of perdition. Am I anywhere close on this?  >Answer<

Q7. If no one has seen the Father or heard His voice, what about the voice from heaven that spoke to Yahshua after His baptism?   >Answer<

Q8. I don’t think Yahweh would start a day in darkness, because He does not create darkness, but creates only light.  Shouldn’t a day begin at sunrise?  Nowhere does Yahweh create darkness, only light!   >Answer<

Q9. It is noted that Yahshua and his Disciples had long hair. And I imagine many men of that time had long hair as well. Actually, the short hair and clean shaven look is that of the Romans, and their influence. I myself do not wish to look ROMAN. So please show me in the Scriptures where I am instructed to cut my hair.   >Answer<

Q10. Should a True Worshiper celebrate birthdays?    >Answer<

Q11. Why would Lot offer his daughters to the Sodomites? It appears to me that Lot acted as he did due to his lack of comprehension of Yahweh’s power as exhibited through an angel.   >Answer<

Q12. If it’s what’s inside that counts, why does Yahweh exclude those with disabilities?    >Answer<

Q13. Is drinking alcohol allowed according to the Bible?    >Answer<

Q14. Why did the armies of Israel kill Balaam, son of Beor, along with the Midianites, when he had prophesied for Israel earlier?   >Answer<

Q15. Is Satan a woman? I heard someone teaching that recently.   >Answer<

Q16. Was Yahshua Yahweh in the flesh? How can this be especially if Yahshua is sitting on the right hand of Yahweh. My tiny little brain cannot wrap itself around this belief. Thanks very much.   >Answer<

Q17. How can you say Satan is in charge of the world, when Yahweh is in control of the whole universe?    >Answer<

Q18. When was Yahshua born?    >Answer<